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Quality Academic Writing Is a Complete Process

If you think back to your time writing in primary as well as secondary, what types of assignments and tasks did you complete? Did you get to know about the various aspects of academic writing? Practice things like outlining or visual brainstorming. Did you look at writing models and discuss what you thought was an “good” or “bad” method? What percentage of your learning about writing was centered around reading? What did you know about the place where the primary idea or argument of the draft is in the draft?

English Language Learning

Being an English as an additional Language researcher and teacher that taught at a variety of institutions. I’m aware that there’s a lot of variation in the educational methods in terms of curriculum, standards, and curriculum for writing genres such as academic writing.  You can also ask for professional writing help from Write My Essay and many more are available.

The U.S. K-12 school system has a wide range in the way that schools teach and their the curriculum, but one thing that is observed quite consistently throughout the entire system is the method of teaching. Writing is frequently taught as a job which requires planning, and is distinct Prewriting, Writing, and Revision steps. For instance, in the beginning stages of the child’s development teachers can guide pupils throughout the procedure of creating outlines, brainstorming, or creating the “sloppy copy,” getting some feedback and editing or revising. Writing assignments can be completed over the course of days or even weeks.

Steps for Academic Writing

As students advance through their academic careers. The strategies used for each stage may shift. However, there remains an focus on writing, prewriting, and revising stages required. In the high school or college the writing process might be more similar to this:

  1. Notes and read
  2. Brainstorm
  3. Outline
  4. Notes and notes
  5. Write first draft
  6. You can get feedback from the instructors or faculty members.
  7. Revise
  8. Explore further and add suggestions to paragraphs that are not fully developed.
  9. Proofread


The purpose of writing is to fulfill an objective or goal by writing it in an all-in-one session. The approach to product aligns with the contexts in which assessments and grades could heavily depend on the high-stakes and essay-style tests (e.g. placement tests, precollege testing, essay-style final exams). With this type of writing it is possible that the objective is to adhere to a certain form of structure while conveying as much information as is possible within a brief duration.

The opportunities for revisions to content are not as common under this method. However there could be an intense focus on what the final product will look like on the surface. It includes the writing mechanics as well as the overall shape the writing will take (i.e. the standard essay style). Although this method may allow writers to convey ideas. It might not allow enough room for revision and refinement that can enhance clarity and flow for readers. The process approach does not provide time and space for thought as well as reflection about the subject. It is a key element of the method approach.


Although both approaches are appropriate both have their place in U.S. academic settings. The method approach is likely to be preferred and encouraged from the beginning of school to higher education. It is the best method for the majority of assignments writing help. De to the higher likelihood of the development of critical thinking and reflection. It can improve the development of ideas and the overall argumentation of the paper.

Students who are from educational or contexts might benefit from becoming familiar with some of the techniques. For revising and prewriting steps in order to ensure that academic writing is actually an ongoing process.


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