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Article Structure That Every Blogger Must Follow

Blog writing demands a high level of concentration from writers. Fluency and coherency are the key elements of the article structure for a blog post. This is because it follows an informal writing style. Unlike academic writing, it provides greater flexibility in terms of word choice. Not only word choice, but it also offers flexibility in terms of article structure. In short, every blogger must keep a few important things in mind that relate to article structure.

Within this context, given below are some important things. These aspects can help bloggers in the article structuring process and are as follows;

Eye-Catching Headlines

The purpose of blogs is to convince the audience for staying at your website. For this, the first thing that can help is your article’s headline. The headline of a blog must be eye-catching. An eye-catching headline can ensure positive lead generation aspects as well. Apart from being attractive, the headline should also contain valuable piece of information in it as well.

So the blogger must keep two things in mind while writing the headline of an article. These are as follows;

  • Captivating
  • Informative


In an article structure, the second most important thing is that of introduction. Further, the first two lines need to explain the topic with relevance to the introduction. It is the same like an assignment writing task. Mostly after reading the introduction, the reader decides whether he/she should move on or not. So the introduction part must be well-organised. A useful tip for a compelling introduction is to hint the issue you will discuss within rest of the article.

Body Of The Article:

The lengthiest part of an article structure is that of the body. The body of a blog article must consist of different heads and sub-heads. The number of heads or subheads depends on the type, and nature of an article’s topic. Still, the content must justify concepts of the headings. Further, the number of heads also depends on the word count limit.


The article structure guidelines suggest adding a concluding note at the end of the blog post. The proper structure of conclusion also depends on the blog’s nature. If your blog is a type of literature review, the last part must consist of research based results/findings. But in the case of an argumentative article, you can add a note for concluding the whole argument. Besides this, the article containing guidelines must end at possible outcome of the process. Yet the purpose of a conclusion is to inform the reader that the article will end soon. Moreover, you can also sum up the whole discussion within this section.

Additional Elements For Ensuring The Article Structure Aspect

A basic article structure contains three parts. These include the introduction, body, and conclusion. But for good blog posts, some other elements are also imperative. These are as follows;


Planning is the potential element that drives a blog post’s success. Like other types, blog writing also demands a well-structured article. Blog post never means stuffing of unnecessary, or too descriptive data. It also demands the organisation of data through the following planning steps;

  • Searching for keywords
  • Collection of relevant sources of information
  • Validity of the data
  • Outlining of the structure regarding an article

In article structure through the planning process, the blogger can reduce any coherency issues.  Further, the blogger must know the storytelling techniques for maintaining his/her article’s logical flow. Still, bloggers are advised to use as many transitional words as possible. This will help them in making their content easy to read.

Optimisation Of The Post:

Unlike academic writing, blogs need optimisation. This optimisation helps the blog post in ranking high with respect to Google’s search engine. The bloggers should visit search engine optimisation (SEO) guidelines for this optimisation based aspect. In short, for blog ranking, the bloggers have to use a recommended number of keywords. Further, they must avoid keyword stuffing as well since this will make their article/blog less effective.


In article structure, the editing criteria are different from other forms of writing. Blogs never need formatting through any formatting guide. The editing of a blog needs to develop good blog post themes. When it comes to editing the blog, the blogger aims to make the article mistake-free. This aspect also demands good presentation through the use of captivating images.

As a whole, this article concludes that no doubt blog writing has greater flexibility. But still, for article structuring, the blogger must keep a few simple guidelines in mind. These guidelines can help in minimising of chances relevant to rejection by the website.


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