Winter fruits that one should not miss

Winter is here and hence people should add something delicious and healthy to their daily diet. This will help them to increase their immunity power and stay healthy throughout this cold season.

Having fruits on a daily basis is a great idea because they are nutritional powerhouses. If one wants to send fruit by post then there are certain winter fruits they can always add to the basket because they are not only healthy but delicious.


It is one of the most popular winter fruits which is both sweet and juicy. It is a seasonal fruit and it ripens mostly in January. Grapefruits are loaded with Vitamin C and it always aids in making the immunity system stronger. They also fortify the bones. Having this fruit is great for healing as it helps in reducing the injuries faster. It also has Vitamin A and one can have them topped with some sugar so that it can taste a bit acidic. Apart from sugar, one can also eat them with a bit of cottage cheese as a topping.


When it comes to dietary fibre, this fruit is the best option. Fibres can be a great aid when one is suffering from constipation or any kind of digestion issues. This can lower the cholesterol level and also helps one with weight loss. If one is trying to figure out on how to shed those extra kilos from the body then they must have pears on a daily basis. They come with low calorie and is a perfect snack for the midday hunger pangs.


This fruit comes with plenty of health benefits. They do contain a huge amount of anti oxidants and hence it can also prevent one from certain cancers. One can thus easily add pomegranate to their regular winter diet and enjoy all the health benefits offered by it. It is a great idea to drink a glass of fresh pomegranate juice on a daily basis as a part of breakfast because then it will be healthy start to the day.


Winter is always incomplete without oranges. It is a fruit which is loaded with citrus goods and they are also filled with Vitamin C. Orange also has Vitamin D which has plenty of health benefits. One can always have this fruit as a snack no matter when they are feeling hungry. One can also start the day with a glass of fresh orange juice.


It is not an exclusive winter fruit and is available throughout the year.  Most people afford eating them as they are cheap. Bananas are loaded with potassium and it can help in decreasing the anxiety and stress in one. This fruit also contains Vitamin B6 which can help in fortifying the cells. One can mix it with yogurt and have them.

When one is thinking of sending fruit basket gift to near and dear ones, then they can also add a few more other seasonal fruits like cranberries and strawberries. They also come with a lot of health benefits.

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