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Why Content Marketing Matters in 2022

Why Content Marketing Matters

There are a million posts online about what will be the coming top marketing trend of 2022. You are presumably sick of hearing about videotape marketing, stoked reality & AI, and of course, everyone’s current fave, voice search. 

 While all of these are applicable inbound marketing trends that serious marketers should look into, occasionally another” top 5 marketing trends”post just does not answer the deeper question. In this blog, we are going to make trouble to answer the larger content at hand, which for numerous, might be,”with all of the marketing tactics out there at the moment, does content marketing still count?”

We will talk about some of those top marketing trends, sure. But rather than regurgitating the same word you are hearing across the internet, let’s concentrate on why content marketing still matters in 2022. 

You can’t hack it.

Because consumers know you can’t hack it. And after being inundated with pop-up ads, paid search ads, ads in their YouTube videos, on their social media feeds, in their movies, then far more , people are looking for something real. Also, they need a billboard blocker, which suggests you would like content marketing albeit your ads are really successful.

The average consumer is uninterested in thin marketing efforts that do not actually offer them any value. They know that you simply can’t fake content marketing — regardless of what you are doing , someone has got to write it or produce it or publish it — which is why most consumers trust and provide greater credibility to content marketing over most other marketing tactics.

Not sure you believe that one? Well of course, you sceptical consumer. 

The average consumer only trusts what they can personally research and validate online these days. They won’t be tricked or convinced and that they won’t be easily sold. That’s why content marketing — an unhackable marketing tactic — still matters today.

Content marketing matches consumer behaviour.

They know content is delicate to produce, and they appreciate companies who take the time to give them the in- depth information they are looking for. Which brings me to the alternate reason content marketing matters in 2022. 

Consumers anticipate it. 

Let’s say you ran a brand awareness ad campaign. A consumer sees your announcement and thinks,”Hey, that is kind of what I was looking for!”. 

They are not going to click on your announcement and make a purchase. Oh no. 

They are going to see what your brand name is, type that into Google and land on your website. 

And what they find when they do that original hunt could make or break your capability to convert that caller into a lead and eventually a trade. 

Still, only to be met by 50 pop-ups, a chatbot that says “BUY NOW” and a form that asks for their credit card information, If that caller lands on your point. 

That is a hard sell, traditional marketing fashion that people do not want. 

That caller is looking to learn about you and your product. They want to know what you have to offer them in their hunt for the perfect result to their pain point, whether that is what to buy mother for her birthday or how numerous artificial screws to order for their product assembly. 

And that means content. 

Content marketing still matters in 2022 because it’s what consumers want and anticipate from the internet. No matter what they are copping, they are first going to probe the product, gain as important information about it as they can, and also make a final decision grounded on the company (ahem, content) they plant most helpful in that exploration phase. 

Google STILL cares about content

There is not a company out there that does not want to rank on the first runner of Google for ideal keywords. And content remains the stylish, most effective way to get there. 

Google’s top precedence is always to deliver its users with the highest- quality, utmost applicable content to answer their queries. And as long as people are using Google, content is going to be your best bet for visibility. 

This one pretty much speaks for itself, there is not much further I can say then. Basically, if you want to get found, you need a solid content marketing strategy. 

Thanks for the mic drop, Google. 

How should you ramp up content marketing efforts in 2022?

My particular fav is blogging. It’s known, it’s effective, and there are many resources out there about the way to optimise your blog for advanced- quality leads. 

But, if you are getting disinterested in typing, know that content marketing means such a lot like just blogging in 2022. Other great, largely effective sorts of content marketing include 

  • Podcasts 
  • Video marketing 
  • Email campaigns 
  • Ebooks 
  • Online courses 
  • One-to-one conversations through chatbots and indeed social media IMs like Facebook Messenger 
  • Individualised content 

Still, I’d accompany video content first, then also spend a while optimising content for voice search, If you had to select two to lean into. 

Video Content 

As youthful generations age into the force, video content goes to be huge. Utmost consumers now are formerly choosing videos over written content, and that’s a trend that is only getting to keep moving forward. Now is the time to start experimenting with a video marketing strategy that can set you apart from the competition.

Voice Search 

We have been talking about optimising for voice search since 2018, so I will not belabor the purpose here. The thing to recollect is that folks are getting further reliant on particular assistants and voice- actuated speakers, from Alexa to Google. The more you will develop content to capture those voice searches, the more your brand will stand out organically on the online. 

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