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Simple Mehndi Design is usually taken as the tattoos that are printed to our hands with the help of Henna or mehndi. These tattoos include Bail, Tikki, flowers, Jaal, etc. Simple and unique mehndi designs are erect over hands with different decorations. Commonly females love to beautify their hands and feet with simple designs of mehndi. Even though the history of mehndi is very old but the Styling in mehndi is an invention of the sub-continent. Simple mehndi designs are very common among people with different unique art and designs.

Simple Mehndi with Jaal Motifs

Jaal mehndi design is something that always looks gorgeous on hands. Jaal motifs in simple mehndi designs are loved by brides. These designs give an attractive look to mehndi art. They just not only glorify your hands but your feet too. Designs with Jaal motifs are used in different patterns. It is usually a bisect lines pattern that can be designed in many different tattoos. Jaal tattoos or designs have different make-up of Jaal motifs. You can choose any of the designs from this pattern of your choice. Some typical Jaal motifs are going to be discussed over here.

 Jaal with flower motifs

Flowers are a sign of beauty and love. Jaal’s design is painted overhand in a crisscross pattern and Jaal (net) spaces are crafted with beautifully portrayed flowers.

 Jaal with heart motifs

Hearts that are painted over the body in the form of body art looks elegant. But if these designs are painted with the help of mehndi then the results will be amazing. And if you are thinking of having any mehndi design on your feet so this is the best idea to put Jaal design with a heart motif. You will like your feet after this pattern.

 Jaal design with name

Are you going for a bridal mehndi and loving to hide the name of your partner in your hand? Jaal with the name of your loved one is a bombshell to give a surprise to your groom.

Jaal mehndi designs are best ever

When you apply jaal mehndi designs with different motifs on specific occasions according to the theme of your festival. Portraying flowers, Animals, hearts, names, or any other motifs with slightly slim lines is an outstanding idea to be an eye-catching personality of any event.

Simple Mehndi with Flowery Motifs

Floral designs are never old-fashioned. If you want to design flowery tattoos on your hands or feet with henna or mehndi so can go for it without any hesitation. Because Flowers are the sign of beauty and a new beginning. Brides always love to wear flowery designs on their hands with the merger of different patterns. Also, Mehndi designs are surely imperfect if you are not going to add any flower to your henna pattern so it will be injustice with your mehndi. Some intellectual floral designs are we going to elaborate on here.

 Light flowery motifs

This design has its uniqueness. Different flowers link together with sequences. This design allows drawing any type of flower freely. It’s totally up to you to sketch little or large flowers to create a new sensation of art. These types of floral designs are very easy to paint over. You can apply such classes of designs to casual events.

 Flower Peacock Motifs

This is very often used design on hands especially. In this designs flowers are embodied at the center of the hands and petals like feathers of peacock spread around the flower that gives the whole flower a look as a peacock is dancing around the flower. Floral design enhances the beauty in this design. This design can be bigger enough to spread all over your hand and also covers some parts of your wrist.

 Mesh and Mango motif design

It is a very beautiful and simple design ever. If you do not like to add heavy mehndi so this motif design is ready to amaze you with its dazzling look. You are going to get a decent flower motif that exactly resembles the shape of a mango. Mesh fiber-like sketching is done within the alluring flower. The Mesh mango motif is done over the
center of the hand. Generally, fingers are done with some angular or geometrical order. If you want to add more beauty to this design you can also add some shading to it or you may apply glitter of any color to this design.

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