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Questions to Ask a Real Estate Broker Before Investing in Commercial Property for Sale

Regardless of the reason you’re looking for Commercial Property for Sale, there are a variety of options to consider and choose from. While your heart is racing as you visualize your company’s future within those four walls or the rent you might get on the property, it’s crucial to remain calm and ask the kinds of questions that will help you assess whether or not you’ll benefit in the long run.

The property tour is the best opportunity to ask all of your questions regarding the area you have interest in. You’ll have access to a variety of information on the property’s past and present condition, features and location. Thanks to the selling agent and your broker. You can consult with Myre Capital to get the best deals for your commercial investments. Here are some questions to ask before you get to invest in any Commercial Property for Sale.

What is the Purpose of the Sale of the Business Property?

There are several reasons why a business property may be for sale, and some of them are less than desirable. Financial and legal problems might be passed on to the future owner including costly repairs and maintenance. After all, wouldn’t you want to get rid of a business property that has serious problems and is underperforming? It’s imperative that you learn the reason for the sale from the vendor before even thinking of buying the commercial property.

What Kind of People Will Work here?

You might also want to lease out your property instead of using it. The varieties of Commercial Property for Sale leases on the market may assist owners to figure out what their potential tenants will demand.

Before renting, some renters will request modifications to the space. Tenants in many cases bear the brunt of repairs and renovations. However, upgrades are an option for some landlords who want to entice high-end commercial tenants.

In addition, it is essential to understand the terms of the lease, which may be found in the rental agreement. Some of your renters, for example, may want exclusivity when it comes to their space. As a result, a restaurant that serves breakfast may ask for a lease agreement that prohibits any other businesses from operating during their business hours.

What is your experience as a Broker in the Commercial Real Estate Sector?

Brokers are experts in their industry; thus, tenants should not hesitate to inquire about their former clients, sectors they’ve worked in and the size of their offices. It’s also recommend to focus on the number of completed deals rather than years of experience when discussing a broker’s work history.

Is the Property in a Unique Area?

Features for special usage, which are highly sought after by certain industries, are widespread in commercial real estate (especially industrial real estate).

Warehouses and distribution centres don’t usually necessitate the usage of a huge gantry crane, but they do in most production environments. As a landlord, you’ll want to keep an eye on these issues. Tenant demand and lease supply are strongly influenced by the size of the possible occupants’ potential market.

Where might Visitors and Employees Park?

The availability of parking is critical to the success of Commercial Property for Sale. Your workers and guests will need to locate a nearby parking spot if on-site parking is not available.

Is there a cost associated with parking in such areas? If so, how much will that cost be incorporated into your overall moving costs? Identifying the other tenants of the property and how many parking spaces they presently use, is critical if there is on-site parking.


In order to determine whether or not a certain investment is safe, profitable, and appropriate for you, you should ask the questions listed above. No matter how ridiculous you think a question may be, it’s critical that you bring it up to a competent expert like Myre Capital. This is a necessary step in ensuring the safety of any investment.

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