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Most Exclusive SnapChat Ads Strategies for 2022

Add Polls to Your Snapchat Ads

It has the potential to increase your leads engagement and views. In the 9 out of 10 campaigns in snapchat, polling stickers in Stories increased the number of three-second of the video views. Request votes from your audience on your newest flavors, colors, or product varieties. Put your audience’s wits to the test by incorporating game show elements into your Snapchat ads. It’s a great way to see what content people like and what they want to see from you next.

Link Your Snapchat Ads to the Correct Landing Page

Once you’ve piqued your audience’s interest, you must direct them to the next step, which is your landing page. You don’t want users to see your ad and then leave. You want to initiate an action that will bring users into your sales funnel and convert them. The one you select is determined by your landing page goals and the types of products you sell on the app.

Write Catchy Copy

To be successful with Snapchat ads, you must have great visuals (no blurry, pixelated images or videos), a short, snappy message (i.e., what the purpose of the ad is), and an enticing call-to-action (CTA). Because of the short attention spans of Generation Z and millennial, Snapchat recommends writing copy that is simple to understand, localized for your audience, and includes an offer message within the first two seconds of the ad.

Use Split Testing on Snapchat to Create Higher Performing Ad Content

Split testing or A/B testing is critical for increasing conversion rates. It allows you to focus on what works and eliminate what doesn’t. Most importantly, it assists you in saving money. Split testing allows you to combine your more effective elements to increase ROI, reduce failure risk, and create a winning ad strategy.

Use the Shoppable AR Lens Feature

The majority of people anticipate using AR for shopping, making Snapchat’s AR Lenses one of its most valuable features. Users can interact with a brand or product using the filter. MAC, for example, has four Snapchat lenses that allow you to try on 20 different lip and eye products. The feature is completely immersive. It transforms the e-commerce experience by bringing the in-person shopping experience into your home.

Use Audience Insights

Audience Insights on Snapchat is a powerful tool for marketers. It provides a wealth of information about your audience and can assist you in fine-tuning your campaigns to increase conversion rates. You can compare and create new audience segments within the dashboard.

Use User-Generated Content

If you don’t include user-generated content (UGC) in your Snapchat ad strategy, you’re passing up opportunities to convert your audience into paying customers. Allow someone to speak directly to the camera and keep your commercials between five and six seconds long. It will appear more natural and as an extension of other snaps rather than as an intrusive ad.


This is how we can use Snapchat to promote our business. Snapchat is very affordable and target mostly the younger audience. You make ads on snapchat easily and can also join a course related to snapchat or a complete Digital Marketing Course.

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