How to Troubleshoot Gmail Not Receiving Emails?

Gmail is something that you use on an everyday basis and most of the time without any issues. Unfortunately, some users encounter issues while running Gmail, and the issue is linked to Gmail not receiving emails. There are various causes that lead to such interruptions.

To troubleshoot the Gmail not receiving emails, then check out the guide and know about the cause of the issue. Along with it, check out the troubleshooting steps to deal with the issue.

Steps to Resolve Gmail Not Receiving Emails!!

Follow the steps mentioned in the guide to troubleshoot Gmail not receiving emails issue:

  1. Try Using Gmail is a Different Browser

If the Gmail not receiving emails, then you can try to open it on any other browser and check if the issue is still there or not. You can also use some other browser for this purpose, but firstly, you should try this one.

When you use a different browser, and there is no issue while using Gmail, so you can use it to run your Gmail account smoothly.

  1. Gmail facing Outage

When you find that your Gmail is not receiving emails, verify that whether Gmail is experiencing an outage. There are times when Gmail servers are down, and you can prevent incoming emails from being delivered.

Google comprises a web page to provide the status of the various servers. To check the Gmail services, here’s what you can do:

  • Open Gmail account’s status web page in your browser.
  • Now, check out the icon beside Gmail. If the icon is green, then your Gmail server is running perfectly fine.
  • If your icon is pink or orange, then it states that Gmail servers are experiencing an outage issue.

For this, you can do nothing but wait till the Google servers come back in case of an outage. Don’t worry, as Google fixes the issues quickly.

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  1. Check Gmail Storage 

Gmail uses primary Google account storage. You might Gmail not receiving emails if it is running low on storage space. To check the Gmail storage, check out the steps mentioned below in the guide.

  • Start by going to Google.com from a web browser and then log into your account.
  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the email, where it will show the Gmail storage usage.
  • If you are using the vertical split for your Gmail, then the Gmail storage indicator will be displayed on the right of the email list.
  • To Google storage, check out our recommendations. It is advisable to upgrade the storage space if you don’t want to delete the content from your account. You can select from several Google plans and choose the one that is as per your requirement.

Summing Up

Gmail is very important nowadays, and if you are facing Gmail not receiving emails issue, then it is advisable to check out the troubleshooting methods to deal with it. Apart from this, if you face any other query like steps to recover Gmail password through a Facebook account, then you can check out their official page to get guidance.

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