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How to Incorporate Sustainable Habits that Bring Joy into Your Life

If you feel stuck in a rut, your life has been going around in circles for some time, you should shake up your life a bit for a change. As Einstein famously stated, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. In our post-Covid era, we hear everywhere now is the time to make more conscious life choices, if you haven’t yet. 

No matter your lifestyle, in time all of us are heading to do more remote work. And with more working time spent alone, the bigger responsibilities come. If you want to live your life on purpose, not waste too much of your precious time, energy, and financial resources. Here are a few tips that may inspire you to brainstorm ideas for a more sustainable way of living!

Use an AdBlocker Software 

Are you weary of popping up ads that distract your mind, workflow, and make you spend more? Haven’t had the chance to install a free ad blocker yet? Check out these free ad blockers, they could help you perform better by eliminating ads you don’t want, so you won’t check the stuff you don’t need. The Brave browser could be a good choice if you not only want to block the ads but also surf the Internet anonymously using your browser.

Socialize More and Dump Your Subscriptions 

We have plenty of free options to entertain ourselves when we became tired of socializing. Nothing can charge your battery quite as well as a positive and supportive social circle, but what should you do when you just feel like staying in, spending time alone? Most of us have subscribed to various entertainment platforms, such as Scribd, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, etc. The more of them you dare to cancel, the more money you can save.



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Perhaps replacing Netflix, the largest provider of visual entertainment sounds shocking to you. Think about how much you spend on these subscriptions annually and how could you replace them. What other free alternatives could you use when you want to enjoy yourself in the comfort of your home? What could you afford to spend when you save on all your subscriptions? 

Prime subscriptions are a total waste of money considering all the available free entertainment.

Get Rid of Social Media 

Social media platforms don’t only rob you of your time, but your money as well. Especially Instagram, and TikTok trying to sell you something you truly don’t need. You know you make the best conscious choices when you have enough time to enjoy yourself consistently, including spending time with your loved ones and friends. If you don’t get to do so regularly, chances are your life is off-balance. It’s time to block out some quality me-time in your calendar!

Use Free Sources to Learn 

Make time to utilize free sources to upskill your knowledge base, in any area of your interest! It is also important to find a balance here that works for you. You may get busier for a few months immersing in all that knowledge, but make sure you dedicate enough time for play as well! You don’t just want to learn and work all the time! That can easily lead to burnout. Plan the steps you are willing to take ahead, to rebalance your life and connect with people who matter!


Photo by Ismail Salad Osman Hajji dirir on Unsplash

Use Saving Apps to Track Your Spending

If you don’t have a savings account, saving accounts can come in handy to minimize your savings! Here are a few highly-recommended apps to help you achieve your specific goals: 

  • Qoins can help you get out of debt. 
  • Mint is best for saving beginners.
  • Chime can help you save effortlessly.
  • Digit supports your decisions to optimize savings. 
  • Qapital can help you visualize your goals.  
  • Acorns can motivate new investors

Prepare Your Meals

No matter how busy and stressful your life gets, instead of eating outside, get into the habit to prepare your homemade meals. Of course, it is okay to eat out now and then. Making your meal, however, has so many benefits! Not only it is much cheaper and can be more organic, you know what it contains, and it feels so much better to treat your loved ones with your dishes than some random takeaway. 

When having many family members it’s an absolute no-brainer financial choice! Making and freezing your meals in advance for those busy weekdays can help you save the headache of searching for some good bites, finding nothing when you most need it! Integrate more healthy, nutritious snacks into your diet such as freshly chopped veggies with hummus. They can fill you up for good and help your brainwaves work better!

Think Minimalism

Decluttering your life can bring you so much happiness! Get rid of everything that doesn’t make you happy. Start with your laptop, erase unnecessary files from your Google Suite, and clear up your email inbox! Continue clearing your living space, sell or donate anything you don’t use regularly. They only take away your space of joy! Start creating a plan to replace those items! Try to live a minimal lifestyle for 6 months to experience its wonderful benefits, and save money.


If these tips, like avoiding social media and getting rid of Netflix scare the hell out of you, don’t stress yourself, make slow changes instead! It can be especially challenging to freshen up your habits if you have been doing things the same old way for 10-20 years. Start advocating small changes every day, best to start with decluttering your mental and physical space. When done consistently, in alignment with your higher intentions, can bring forth the difference you desire.

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