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How to Estimate Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are an important aspect of daily life. Keep this in mind, many businessmen want to invest in mobile app development. But before investing, you should have an idea about the cost. The very first mobile app development estimates its cost and all the profit depends on this. It is hard to tell the cost at first glance. You have to find out the expenses behind this. The cost depends on many factors, features, and functionality. So how do you find out the cost of mobile app development or estimate it? A mobile app has various types where the price range depends. You have to know many processes, internal procedures before working on your app. It will help you to know more about your app development and estimate the price. In this guide, we will try to estimate development in different steps to make clear where how much money is needed and how you can estimate altogether. Here, you will find some measures and that will help you to identify the estimate mobile app development cost.

Estimate the Price Depending on the Process of Mobile App Development

Estimate the Price Depending on the Process of Mobile App Development,

Developing an app goes through many processes that impact the cost of estimate mobile app development. The processes are given below to help you to understand where you need to spend.


Planning and Business Analysis

When you start mobile app development, the last thing you will need is planning. Planning helps to understand where you are starting from and how to get to the targeted goal. In this stage developers decide what kind of operating system will be built, its features, and factors. Research is also included in this process. Developer research about competitors’ market status for your benefit. Usually, developers spend 40-80 hours in this process. And here hourly spends $70 to $80.


Prototyping and Design

The prototype is a working model of any product. This type of model will help you to test the ability of the app and this will help you time and money. This type of design goes through a process and takes 40 to 120 hours. Such as:


  • Create a sketch, which the version of the app like the number of screens.
  • Creating wireframes and shows the visualization of the app structure
  • Create a clickable prototype: This helps to find issues and solve them. It shows where any issue creates and how to improve it.
  • Design app skin.
  • Smartphones friendly UI & UX



Mobile App Development

After all these the main processes which are development comes. App development processes are usually divided into two parts. Front-end and backend. If you are building any native app like Android or iOS, you will need about 10 weeks to build the backend part. On the other hand, front-end development may take eight weeks for its basic functionality. But it is not always necessary to build back-end and front-end if you can use cloud technology. Development is the important aspect for building an app so it must be the main factor to estimate mobile app development cost. It takes 80 to 300 hours to develop.



After the development of a mobile app, the necessary step is to test every part of the app manually. An app should have quality assurance before publishing it. Testing is the stage that assures the app requirement. It also ensures the quality of security, interface, compatibility, etc. In this stage, it can be found if there are any bugs in the app and solved. Developers also make sure all the parts are ready to work. Developers use 40 to 80 hours in this stage. 


Publish and maintenance

After the testing stage, the app is ready to publish. You can submit it to the app store by the developers or you can publish it by yourself. After releasing the app in the Store, you have some work to do that is maintenance. An app needs updates and customer support. The cost for maintenance is not included with the total cost of the mobile app as this cost needs after publishing the app. So you must know you have to spend for maintenance differently. You include it to estimate mobile app development.

Estimation Depends on Other Factors

Mobile App Development Estimation Depends on Other Factors

Many other factors impact the estimation of mobile app development. You must decide the factors you want for your mobile app development. Some are given below to help you to understand what you need to include in your estimation. They are: 


Feature Estimation

When you develop an app you will need features you can add to your app. The more features will be added, the more the price will increase as it directly impacts the number of hours developers will spend on this app. There are many features that you can include based on your requirement. Among them, the most common features are given below:


  • Third-Party Integration: Third-party integration is what makes the app perform faster, it is a ready-made solution.
  • In-app purchase: This feature helps you to sell directly from the app. It usually adds technical complexity.
  • Costume design: Design is an important aspect of an app. It matters as functionality. You can customize your design based on the user interface and that will cost you more.



As the new era of technology, many new technologies data are available for developer projects. The developer needs to choose which will go with the development. Every Technology has some advantages and disadvantages. Cross-platform development is best for medium-sized projects, where native development is suitable for large projects. Cross-platform is less expensive and it can work for both Android and IOS. Native apps are only for one platform but they are more solid. 



The platform directly impacts the cost of the app. Before developing your app you must decide on which platform you want to develop your app as Android and iOS apps are completely different from each other. If you want to develop a cross-platform app, you will still need to work on the codebase. There are also other types of web versions which are web apps. Most of the owners usually build an app for both iOS and Android as it directly influences the estimation of mobile app development.

Cost of a Mobile App Development Worldwide 

Cost of a Mobile App Development Worldwide

The cost of mobile app development is different across the world as it depends on the living and region. In the USA a developer costs $100 per hour. On the other hand, Europe costs 25 dollars to $35 per hour. The cost depends on the different factors, time, and quality. Here is the list of different countries based on their development and other factors.


  • North America: The rate range starts from $10 to $225 and its average rate is $168
  • United Kingdom: The rate range starts from $32 to $167. The average rate is $70
  • South America: here rates range from $21 to $107. The average rate is $34
  • India: Here rates range from $8 to $80. The average rate is $62.
  • Bangladesh: Rates range from $10 to $100. The average rate is $50
  • Australia: The rate range starts from $32 to $142. The average rate is $110



Before developing an app, the first stage is to estimate the cost of the development. Estimation of mobile app development depends on many things that you can estimate by the developers or by yourself by knowing them. To figure out the estimate cost of mobile app development, you must have an idea about app complexity, number of integration, features, factors, platform, etc. When you have a proper idea about all this you can easily estimate the cost. This will help you to make accurate estimates for your mobile app. Your requirement from your app also impacts the cost. You can also get ideas from mobile app development companies, they will help you by knowing your requirements. We hope this article has given you a clear idea of how you can identify the estimate cost of mobile app development.

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