4 Reasons Not to Replace Your Smartphone Right Now!

So, that feeling again?

A new advertisement; cool video of a powerful new model with lots of specs; a pleasing interface; probably the desire to try out a different OS; an unforgettably ergonomic design; limited edition colours in the finishing; tempting cameras; attractive software; mobile game-centric traits; invisible selfie camera;…

…and you can dream about the list.

And this is going to be a pretty long list.

But keep calm. You don’t need this list.

Not now, at least.

All you need is your pal, the Smartphone in which you’ve probably watched that ad.

Possibly, you are reading this blog in it as well.

Such attractive features of new Smartphones will hunt you down.

You’ll feel pretty much inclined to buy a new phone almost impulsively.

But that is not it. There’s no reason to ditch your already existing phone unless it is damaged and or if it cannot be fixed or reused.

And if you’re still weighing logic on why you don’t want to purchase a new Smartphone, then read on the rest of the blog.

Why Sticking to Your Existing Phone Is a Great Idea

When you have a messed up credit score, you look for a bad credit personal loan with guaranteed approval to make the credit score high again.

What it means is that you invest in fixing a situation.

The condition is pretty similar to buying phones as well. Purchasing a new phone as the result of impulsive action is not a solution.

It’s spending money for a thing that wasn’t immediately required.

Yes, these words may seem a bit harsh than usual.

But, come on! We all look for effective work and smart investment so that we can save some money, right?

So, buying a phone will save you money only when you’re buying it FOR A PURPOSE AND NOT BY AN IMPULSE.

Here are a few reasons not to replace your phone immediately:

  • Don’t miss software upgrades
  • Use the full lifespan of the battery
  • You don’t find much advancement in new models
  • You can’t afford to buy a new Smartphone impulsively
  • Let us have a discussion on these points.

Don’t Miss Software Upgrades

Most Smartphone manufacturers offer a software upgrade online. You don’t need to visit the tech store. You can have it done in the comfort of your home.

However, these updates may continue for years. For Android, it can continue for 2 to 4 years. For Apple, although not being vocal about the number of years their upgrades continue, an upgrade is provided for approximately 5 to 6 years.

Even if you buy a new phone, it will receive the same updates your existing phone receives.

From software updates to strengthening security issues, Smartphones need this upgrade.

Wouldn’t it be a bad idea to make your existing phone be deprived of it just because you like a new one?

Use the Full Lifespan of the Battery

The battery of a Smartphone usually lasts for 2 years.

This doesn’t even mean that you need to replace your phone by every 2 years.

In fact, many impulsively buy a new phone within 1 or 1.5 years of buying the previous one.

That’s not required even if the battery goes down after 2 years.

In most models, the Lithium-ion battery can be replaced.

And a new battery would cost you way less than a new Smartphone. A new battery costs almost 25 to 30 times less than the price of a new device.

And it would give you service for another 2 years.

So, don’t take battery issues as an excuse to buy a new phone.

You Won’t Find Much Advancement in New Models

Smartphones are tempting because of their features.

Most Smartphones come with heavy features that obviously sound attractive to you or anyone.

But if you pay close attention, then you’ll notice that a new Smartphone carries only the ‘upgraded versions of the features found in your existing Smartphone instead of adding new ones.

If you learn smart management of your phone, then you can easily use both phones efficiently.

Yes, new Smartphone processors and RAMs do come with powerful specs.

But the difference in performance is at a micro-level. You wouldn’t even notice it with your human eyes.

Do you really want a new phone then?

You Can’t Afford to Buy a Smartphone Impulsively

An average Smartphone in the UK costs around £350.

That might sound little. It is a lot for an average person.

Plus, most people have to afford more than one Smartphone nowadays to keep one for personal use and the other for professional causes.

As an individual, you have got other costs like paying bills, investments and savings to worry about.

To say frankly, you don’t really need a new Smartphone every 2 to 3 years. You can still lengthen its lifespan and use it for a longer period of time.

However, suppose your existing phone is damaged and is in an irrecoverable condition. In that case, you can still make the purchase of a new phone organised by taking out a bad credit personal loan with guaranteed approval found online.

If you take these loans to buy a phone, then you safeguard your savings. Due to low-interest rates, you can still fix an affordable monthly instalment plan and repay the amount in time. There are many flexible options of repayment with these loans, for which, do not forget to have a good word with your lender.

To Conclude

Well, a Smartphone can offer us a cost-efficient life as well if used correctly.

Buying a new phone when not needed will only flip the situation and make you pay extra cash.

So, isn’t it better to stick to your existing phone?

It is.


Kian Doyal is an author of content creation. She is looking forward to replying from non-profitable news and profitable industries, specialising in content marketing in 2017, from Florida University. She brings her decade of experience to her current role, where she is dedicated to educating and inspiring the world how to become better story letters. Can follow her on Twitter

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