How Often Can Hair Be Bleached? | How long should I wait to bleach my hair again

Are you thinking about How long should I wait to bleach my hair again and bleach your hair? Bleaching your hair isn’t just an easy weekend project – it’s one of the biggest decisions you can make regarding your hair, and it comes with a few dangers, you should be aware of to avoid permanent damage to your locks. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how often can hair be bleached, and what to watch out for when deciding whether to lighten your locks or not.

Hair can be bleached from 2 to 4 times a year

If you like to be adventurous with your hair color, then it’s safe to bleach your hair twice a
year. If you want to be cautious with your coloring or are blonde and plan on staying that
way, then limit bleaching to once a year. Overdoing it can damage and dry out hair. With
shorter hair cuts and darker shades of color, you may find yourself able to get away with
more than others.
But no matter what hair length or shade of color you go for, don’t overdo it. Bleach uses
harsh chemicals (and heat!) to remove pigment from hair; frequent use of these things can
lead to damaged strands that break off easily or do not grow back normally.

After you’ve used bleach 3 times in one year, it takes around 6 months

This is important because hair that has been breached multiple times can become very dry
and damaged. It can be a good idea to wait 6 months before bleaching your hair again since
it takes time for hair to recover after being bleached. Remember: You’re only supposed to
bleach your hair once or twice per year, so do it sparingly! And if you notice your hair getting
dried out quickly between bleaching sessions, use a deep conditioner—especially one with
argan oil, like Moroccanoil Deep Treatment Masque.

The same ingredients used in Argan Oil Shampoo also help seal in moisture and keep hair
moisturized. If you have damaged hair from repeated bleaching sessions, it might take
longer than six months for the hair to fully recover; just remember—patience is key when it
comes to maintaining healthy locks.

Your hair can be bleached again

When you apply bleach to your hair, you are essentially removing some of its pigment. By
removing color, you make hair lighter. When your hair reaches a desired level of lightness,
it’s time to add more color (known as re-pigmenting) back into it—this can be done either
with highlights or by coloring all of your hair in a single sitting.

Depending on how much hair is exposed, bleaching can last for up to four months; when
using chemical processes like dying and straightening, however, it’s best not to go any
longer than six weeks without reapplying.

The darker the hair, the more sun damage it will sustain

If you’re wondering how often you can bleach your hair, consider how much sun exposure
your scalp gets. The more time you spend outdoors (or in a tanning bed), the higher chance
that UV rays will damage and bleach your locks, which means less time between
appointments. If you’re fair-skinned and have dark hair, or if you get dark easily—and thus
are more prone to sunburns—expect to wait longer in between touch-ups.

You should also take into account what kind of hair dye you’re using; some are formulated
for long-lasting color, while others require frequent applications. These details vary by brand
and product, so make sure to research your options before proceeding with bleaching.

Keep this in mind when looking at how often you should be bleaching your hair
your hair’s thickness, your lifestyle (and how often you’re exposed to water and/or sun),
whether or not you use conditioner, and how long your hair is.

If you have very thick hair that isn’t exposed to much sun or water, a few months between bleaching will do it. If you are on vacation in a hot climate every few weeks and live by an ocean with very soft water, your color could fade out within just a few weeks of bleaching.

For most people with medium hair, however, waiting 6-8 weeks between bleachings should
be fine for most people. By listening to what your hair tells you about its health and adjusting
accordingly, you can avoid any potential damage.

Hair damage is increased with each application

Although it may seem like bleaching your hair is a quick fix, it’s important to know that each
application damages your hair more and more. After several sessions, you will find that your
hair is becoming brittle, dull, and prone to breakage. If you are unable to take a break in
between applications, you may find yourself with a complete head of damaged hair! Talk to a
professional about how often you should apply bleach for best results.

A sealant or Color-Treated Hair: There is no set rule for color-treated hair. Your stylist will be
able to determine if your color-treated hair can be lightened safely and which product would
work best for achieving your desired result.

if you have several color-treated layers in your hair, you may find that those tend to become
less bright than they were previously with each application, leaving behind darker skunk
stripe marks after bleaching. This isn’t a sign that your hair has been permanently
damaged—it just means that it needs more attention.


In this article, we’ll give you an overview of How often can hair be bleached? Hair can be
bleached or lightened every 6-8 weeks. Try to avoid over-lightening or over-bleaching your
hair. Your stylist should be able to give you an idea of how often your hair can be lightened
safely. And as a rule, always use a high-quality, professional-grade hair dye for best results.
Remember: hair isn’t built to withstand daily colorings; if you love changing up your look, wait
at least 2 weeks between applications and make sure not to use too much product! Treat
your hair with care and it will return that favor with shine and body. Thanks for reading!

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