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Homes for sale in Vancouver WA

Homes for sale in Vancouver WA. I’m not going to say that the job market and housing market in Vancouver Washington are great. It’s still slow. While it may seem like things aren’t as bad as the statistics say all you have to do is look around and talk to people.

At least several of your friends will be out of a job. I have some close friends who have worked all their lives and have been unemployed for the past five months.

A house Vancouver Condos for Sale WA has snapped up really fast 2 1/2 years ago. You’ll still see large subdivisions with more than half the homes or condos vacant. The growth experienced in Portland OR and Vancouver WA in the late nineties and early this decade was very rapid and very high. Developers have flooded the market.

Oddly enough, the states of Washington and Oregon are not declining in population. People still come here. It’s not just an influx all at once. And even when people were coming here in large numbers, home builders built houses quickly. We can now see that even though the demand for real estate was high all those years it did not guarantee the huge supply that was produced.

So what’s the point?

We suffered the most. Markets in Vancouver WA and Portland have stabilized. Jobs are not coming back but they are not leaving. There are plenty of high-tech companies around Vancouver WA that aren’t going anywhere in Portland and even more. Fred Myers, Hewlett-Packard, WaferTech, SHE America, Nautilus, and Sharp all have headquarters here. Don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

There are many things that still attract people to this area. Many people want to live in the Portland area but don’t want the stress and “hustle” of a big city. Vancouver Washington has no income tax, better schools by a long shot, and more reasonably priced real estate (especially now).

You can’t get much in Portland for $250,000. Maybe a run-down condo on the east side of time like the Rockwood area. In Vancouver WA you can get a decent house and for a little more you can get a very nice house with a front and back yard.

This won’t be the first time Vancouver and Portland have been hit. Remember that Oregon and Washington are very desirable places to live. People may complain about the rain but overall the climate here is temperate, we have no natural disasters, crime is low compared to other parts of the country, and we have a highly educated workforce. We may not be a powerhouse like Seattle but we’re not far behind.

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Homes for sale in Vancouver WA are now a bargain You have people like me who live by Lake Lakamas and have lost $250,000 in equity in the last two years. We’re the ones who might break even after the housing market rebounds. Someone who was either too young to buy or wasn’t in a position to buy when the market was going crazy is now in a great position.

Home values ​​in any area are always going to be subject to boom and bust times. That is a fact of life. This isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last if history is any indication. Now the housing market in Vancouver WA is going through one of those “busts”. Thinking ahead can present a great time for someone to make a long-term investment.

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