Good reasons to send gifts to Pakistan by choosing online gift boxes

The festive seasons are about to begin. You can best choose to send gifts to your loved ones. There are ample online shopping websites that give your gifting experience a boost. 

  • Why send gifts online?

You can send gifts to Pakistan through varieties of options. One such option is sending gifts through Express Gifts. In addition to wedding welcome gifts, client gifts, and employee appreciation gifts, corporate event gifting accounts for most of our overall business. 

  • Have creative virtual events

When Covid struck earlier this year, all of our corporate events came to a halt, and we quickly transitioned to virtual events. Of course, this meant coming up with creative virtual event gift ideas right away.

  • Send gifts any day and at any time

Suddenly there was a pivoting shift in the custom gift designs from gifts that make sense for recipients to receive and use in-person to gifts that make the most sense for use and enjoyment at home and during the virtual event sessions themselves.

  • Virtual gift act as back plans

Virtual event gift boxes are more than just a backup plan. They are the new norm and have a significant impact in their own right. Now, after many months of designing virtual event gift boxes, we are more convinced than ever that these are worthwhile and serve a purpose.

  • Online gift offer a sneak peak

It is likely that the first year your event has been handled virtually, recipients may wonder what the virtual version will be like and whether it will live up to the in-person events you have hosted in the past. 

  • Never let you miss the chance 

You could even include the meeting agenda in the gift boxes to get attendees excited about the content you have planned for them! The busy schedule might not give you the opportunity to buy gift for your loved ones. It is then that people get a paradigm shift to the online gifting options. 

  • Send a custom gift box

When you send a custom gift box ahead of the virtual event, you have the opportunity to show invitees that you take the event seriously while also providing a glimpse into the event’s aesthetic and overall vibe! Sending cheap gifts to Pakistan is now easy with express Gifts.  

  • Choose a virtual event gift box

Choosing to curate virtual event gift boxes and send them to recipients ahead of the event. Similar to offering a sneak peek, encourages registration. The gift can be sent on the same day. You can even surprise your loved ones by sending gift to them on the special days or occasions. send gifts to Pakistan through varieties of options


It communicates to attendees that the virtual experience is taken seriously and will be worthwhile of their time. It also makes them feel special because they probably weren’t expecting a gift to arrive in the mail, so they are more likely to say ‘yes’ when given the chance, especially if the gift also serves as the invitation!


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