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Challenges and Solutions of Library Automation in College Libraries

Library Automation’s Challenges and Solutions in College Libraries

What comes to your mind when one says the source of knowledge? 

If you were to look for something where is the first place you would look for? 

The answer to both questions is on the internet; technological advancement has surely propelled millennials into the virtual world.

To make matters worse school and institution libraries often fall short when it comes to keeping up with the ever-changing student demands. Alterations in curriculum, changes in syllabus, and assignments indicate that learners need a dependable resource to do their research.

But libraries that usually operate manually require a considerable amount of time to make appropriate arrangements. At a time like this, it would benefit them if they integrate with sophisticated technology, by adopting tools like library automation software.

But it is not always easy to incorporate technology with the traditional system, hence let us take a look at the challenges you may face during library automation followed by solutions :

Lack of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) trainers 

Imagine you bought a hi-tech computer but after logging in you are having a hard time understanding its features and hence end up not using it as much. The same thing can be said in the context of higher educational institutes; most libraries in colleges and universities have designated professionals called librarians.

No training facilities 

There are no adequate facilities available on college or institute campuses that would provide opportunities to educate librarians regarding technical knowledge. A mismatch in training schedules is another reason for sessions being postponed indefinitely.

To curtail such problems college administration and authorities should come together and organize training activities o the campus itself.

It is all about prioritizing, hence making the training session compulsory to attend would help to emphasize its importance.

Retrospective conversion and barcoding of documents 

Have you ever wondered how to convert a database of non-machine-readable to machine-readable?

College administrators should hire professional data entry operators who are experienced in this type of work.

Inadequate Hardware 

Several of the libraries available in most of the colleges or institutes have started upgrading their system by availing computers and laptops but they do not have basic adequate hardware. The lack of a printer, server, barcode scanner, projectors, etc is a major obstacle in library automation.

There is an essential need for all these institutes to allocate financial provisions to buy required hardware each year.

Lack of willingness for automation 

When you are a part of an organization that has been dependent on the traditional way of conducting key operations, you would know that they would be skeptical about any change.

In Conclusion 

The Library management tool which is the most dependable tool when it comes to organizing and maintaining the database is also the main attribute of this case.

LIB-MAN® is a library automation system that is highly integrated, user-friendly, and suitable for comprehensive computerization

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