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5 Latest Logo Trends for App Development Services in 2022

Logo designing trends are often considered mythical, with everyone writing about them. Even many app development services consider logos as part of their marketing plan. Logos are intangible but have a powerful impact on the company’s sales. Many companies are adapting to new trends every year. But the often asked question is, do trends really make a difference? The latest updates revolve around logo trends and how businesses can incorporate the trends or tricks into their business models. It focuses on creating a powerful brand identity. Mobile applications are taking this more seriously than other industries.

When discussing app development and logo design services, it becomes crucial to examine the factors that market the logo to a brand. From the proper usage of colors to the layout, everything is pinpointed and demonstrated as a trend. The only difference might be the different requirements of companies. However, the recent research showed a dramatic increase in the logo design online statistics. If you are searching for new trends for 2022, you will be amazed to know the 2021 logo trends are likely to continue. The aesthetically pleasing designs are going to be back in town. The logo companies will use a blend of 3D and flat logos, minimalist and cartoon logs, wordmark logos, etc. Here are some of the logo designs set to revolutionize app development companies.

5 Logo Trends & App Development Services Company

  1. Simplistic Geometry or Basic Shapes

The complex logomark is a big no in 2022 as it is hard to remember. Moreover, customers find it challenging to interpret the company’s message. Often this leads to a weak relationship between the brand and logo. It is preferable to use basic geometrical shapes like squares, triangles, lines, etc., to opt for a simple visual design. It is easily understandable by the general public. The best part allows the company to practice its ideology effectively. On the contrary, many logo designers suggest opting for vibrant colors when deciding the color scheme. Mobile app development services company is one of them. It makes the name pop out at once. If not a vibrant color, they should opt for the classic black and white colors. Here, the simple shapes and geometry refer to logomarks and fonts. Lastly, the negative space allows you to add geometry.

  1. Tall Logos

Since 2022 is all about innovation and modernization with a twist. The tall logos will add to the overall logo creativity. It’s time to bid farewell to narrow and horizontal circles or square marks that were overused. They no longer add to the uniqueness. However, the tall logos get immense love because of their vertical frames. Moreover, the right blend of Boho aesthetics and new geometric elements adds to the appealing visuals. The logo design online trends root for new shapes. They are trying to come up with fresh logo ideas. Moreover, the modern fonts and better graphics add to the logo design. Companies are seen playing around line thickness, typefaces, and display to deliver the brand’s message. Hence, making them perfect for eCommerce businesses. It lets them easily fit into any screen.

  1. Saturated Colors and Gradients

We all know how important selecting the right color palette is for a logo. Especially when targeting unique logo designs. Moreover, the logo should tell your brand story with the right color to help it deliver in the same tone. However, companies and people have their own preferences where few may choose a white and black contrast. Whereas, others may go for a nude palette. Thus, saying which color palette is best would be unfair. However, most big brands use vivid, saturated colors to attract their users. Too many colors and details make a logo look messy. Therefore, it makes it essential to choose one or two colors to make the logo stand out. Vivid colors are hard to handle, like candy colors. They might make the brand look amateur. It is most like the gradient logos will gain popularity in 2022.

  1. Symbolism & Minimalist

Looking at significant app development services companies. We assure most of them revolve around simplicity and minimalism. It enhances the overall look of the logo. Though the companies adding different icons like florals, creatures, animals, objects, etc., often make the logo look artistic for mobile app companies. Therefore, it might not always work. In the past, most designers focused on responsive logo design online. It was easily adaptable to any screen size. But, with the crazy advancement and people’s changing preferences, anyone hardly considers this feature. However, it has become a natural feature. The symbolism with minimalism is a perfect example of responsive logos. They can get used on different mediums without getting pixelated. Hence, focusing on the app companies to opt for flexible logos instead of artistic ones.

  1. Bold Wordmark Logo

Bold wordmark logos were introduced in 2020 and are here to stay. Many well-known companies like Zara, Visa, Google, etc., use these logos. Moreover, these are best for companies trying to create an aesthetic feel to their brand, enhancing its attractiveness. The logo experiments with different typographies for branding purposes. However, the advancing world is more into trendy designs with appealing visuals. This adds sophistication to their identity. So, we might see some big companies redesigning their logos with different fonts. It keeps the users visually hooked to your logo.


Logo designing is an art that needs the perfect blend of colors, fonts, layouts, images, etc. An incorrect combination of elements may make the logo look overcrowded and messy. This might lead it to lose its attractiveness. Hence, the brand’s message may not be conveyed to the audience. Many businesses, especially app development services companies, need to select the logos carefully. They should opt for a more professional look with tall logos and simple geometric shapes. Needless to say, using a nude or black and white color palette is often preferred. Imagine having a colorful app development company logo. It doesn’t look appealing, right? Thus, it is vital to select the right combination of elements. Hence, trends do not always play a pivotal role in the success of your business.

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