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5 blog writing tips to create “magic” with your blog posts

Have you ever observed the wordplay by top bloggers? It happens because these bloggers understand the value and leave a deeper impact on audiences by offering highly tailored posts. These posts are cleverly crafted to include the right amount of words with high impact that leave a lasting impression on the readers. In this blog we will present a short list of such high impact blog writing tips you can use in your blog to positively influence your readers:

Avoid “but”, use “and” 

Words like but or though create an ambiance of negation which can hurt the readers’ mind and it can interrupt the message that you want to deliver. You can use the word “and” or “nevertheless” instead. These words represent inclusively which is a positive thing. Instead of rejection, such words create a feeling of acceptance and also allow you to write something that expands the scope rather than limiting it. For instance “Blogging regularly is good but avoid low-quality shallow content” can better be worded as “Blogging regularly is good and by offering high-quality material you can improve the engagement.”

Simplify your language

Another thing t keep in mind is to use easy and simple words with direct meaning. While many new bloggers tend to use synonyms and jargon to reaffirm their expertise, these words may create a certain distance. By using the general words you give a familiar and conversational tone to your material that helps in creating a continuous, cogent flow. The readers also tend to relate better with such simple worded material with a conversational tone a sit is more fun to read. For instance “Such complicated structure might reduce the impact of your blog” can better be written as “Simplify your blog structure for attracting more readers”

Create curiosity with question words

One of the best ways o make your material marketable is to create and increase the curiosity among the readers. It is a no brain that curiosity compels readers to read more and engage your blog at a deeper level. One of the easiest ways to create curiosity is to use the question words. What, Why, how. Where and when are some of the words that can be actively used to keep the flame of curiosity burning? It will prompt the readers to read the entire material until they find out the answers to these questions. By strategically using these questions at the right places you can build a continuous series of attention magnets that eventually make your posts a huge success.

Use “You” not “I”

How you talk to your readers also plays a very important role in the success of your blog posts. Using general words like we or I don’t help build reactions with your readers. For that, you need to talk o them. Use the words like you. It is a more direct way to converse with your audiences. It conveys that message that you are directly talking to them. It also offers a feeling of one on one conversation thus making the reader more familiar with you. This friendly way of writing can do wonders in encouraging readers to understand and agree with your thoughts or at least love your writing sites l even if they don’t agree.

Use active voice and avoid passive voice

Passive and active voice has a great impact on the readers. While the passive tone sounds mechanical and monotonous the active tone sounds friendly and more appealing. When you use a passive tone you emphasize the objects or actions while using an active tone allows you o emphasize the person. It offers a more human voice to your article and offers better imagery to the readers. It also offers agility to your entire material and directly impacts the readers.


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