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How to make money with a blog?

Changing jobs and becoming a successful blogger by writing about your passions is the dream of many. Some have succeeded by becoming influencers and earning respectable figures, but is it really that simple to monetize with a blog?

The answer is yes and no.

Looking at the success stories, one might think that it is easy, but the reality is quite different. There are few people who manage to turn their blogging business into a full-time job and those who do have really invested all of themselves by working hard every day, putting commitment, skills, and strategy into it.

It is not enough to open a blog and write about it. To become a professional blogger you will need to be considered a reference point in the sector you work in, build a network of relationships, and a following that can influence the decisions of your readers, otherwise, the earning possibilities will be more limited.

Monetize with advertising and affiliations

AdSense is certainly one of the most popular ways to monetize through blogging. AdSense works with the logic of pay per click, that is, you earn small amounts every time your blog users click on an advertisement. It goes without saying that the higher the number of users who visit your blog write for us technology, the more you have the chance to earn substantial amounts. To start monetizing with AdSense you need to sign up at this link.

Earn money by doing counseling

A blog is a very useful tool for customer acquisition. Your goal, in this case, is to use the blog to build and grow your personal branding, demonstrate your skills and sell them through consultancy or other services.

If you decide to earn in this way you must mainly move on two paths:

  • propose quality content to intercept questions and solve users’ problems in order to gain trust and credibility;
  • create relationships and start collaborations with people in your same sector or similar.

How can a food blogger make money?

Of course, having a site to post your recipes or reviews on is key to getting started. At this stage, it is very important to have a well-defined editorial calendar and to work on the quality of content and SEO, to better position your articles on Google. To start gaining a following and creating interest around your content, you can start advertising your business through social networks (Instagram is the most used social network by food bloggers and the most suitable for food-related activities). Once you have a good following, you can start collaborations with companies in the sector, write recipes, or paid reviews. Remember, it is always very important to publish quality images and videos, to give value to the recipes or, for example, the dishes of the restaurant you want to review.

Make money with a travel blog

If, on the other hand, your passion is travel you could put up a travel blog.

Since making money traveling the world is the aspiration of many people, let’s see how you can make money with a travel blog.

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Make money with a book blog

Probably books are among the best-selling articles online considering the e-book market and for this reason. The preferred channel to make money with your book blog is that of affiliations. In addition to the Amazon affiliate program, which we have already talked about. There are many other large e-commerce stores offering affiliate programs. So you just have to look for what can do for you. 

Make money with a fashion blog

As for food, the fashion sector is also growing rapidly and has rather high and fierce competition. To make money with a fashion blog. You must always be on the spot, follow the latest trends and constantly update your blog. 

A blog is essential if you want to promote yourself as a fashion blogger. If you want to promote the products. You resell in your fashion e-commerce, advertising famous brands, or showing your homemade creations, with your stylist talent.

As always, the role of social networks is fundamental in spreading posted content and increasing the number of followers.

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