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5 Best Tools to Avoid Plagiarism

Like never before, colleges and other academic universities do not consider plagiarism. In fact, they rusticate these students. Earlier, the lack of a plagiarism checker made things difficult for both the examiners and the students. But now, with this tool in hand, it is an easy job.

However, there are thousands of tools that claim to be the best plagiarism checker in the world. So then, how to avoid plagiarism? Here are the 4 best plagiarism checkers to help you out.

1) Plagiarism checker X

If you want to learn how to avoid plagiarismfor bulk content, Plagiarism checker X is your tool. It is easy to use and compares contents in bulks.


  • It is one of the best plagiarism checker for scanning research papers. It can detect plagiarized information through multiple search engines.
  • The application allows you to compare the content side-by-side without hassle.
  • Plagiarism checker X keeps your data private.
  • It allows you to import DOCX, PDF, HTML, and RTF.
  • This application supports multi-language, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and more.
  • You can get colour-coded density-based results.
  • Provides 24/7 supports.

2) ProWritingAid

How to avoid plagiarism for content in web pages, academic paper, published papers? Use ProWritingAid. It lets you check your content against the mentioned sources and run a plagiarism report online or through add-in.


  • It helps with self-editing.
  • ProWitringAid provides more than 20 in-depth writing reports.
  • You can integrate it with the word, Chrome, Google Docs, Gmail, and more.
  • The tool is easy to use.
  • Supports a wide range of files.
  • It helps you find instances of your work that include data, questions, ideas, wording, and more.
  • ProWritingAid enables you to maintain the governorship of your words.

3) Grammarly

Grammarly is a widely used tool for checking grammar and plagiarism. This application can detect plagiarism from numerous web pages. In addition, it helps you to know whether your text contains duplicate content or not.


  • This application allows you to search the content in batches.
  • Grammarly provides plagiarism alerts when text matches online text or in the database.
  • It helps you detect plagiarism by checking your text against over eight billion web pages.
  • It offers numerous writing styles and grammar, vocabulary, and syntax suggestions.
  • Grammarly instant report lets you know how many duplication issues are in the content.
  • The tool calculates the overall originality score for your document.
  • This plagiarism tool keeps your writing private.

5) Copyleaks

If you want to know how to avoid plagiarism in a regional language paper, Copyleaks is the best plagiarism checker. It allows you to work with more than 100 languages online. In addition, this application can perform an extensive search across the internet and various databases to find duplicate content.


  • It offers comprehensive reports.
  • This professional plagiarism checker provides an automated grading tool.
  • You can integrate with MS Word, Google docs, and more.
  • It helps you to protect the content your team has written.
  • Offers code plagiarism checking feature.
  • You can compare two files.
  • This plagiarism checker for students can crosscheck documents against online resources and private databases.

Thus, discussed above are the 5 plagiarism checkers that help you avoid plagiarism. Use it and be at rest.

Summary – Plagiarism is a crime in academic and professional writing. However, most students often make unintentional mistakes that tag their papers as copied. Discussed are the 5 plagiarism checker that may help you solve the issues forever.

Author Bio – Leslie Lee is a software developer who works with several companies designing and maintaining their plagiarism checker. If you need his assistance, you may contact him at MyAsssignmenthelp.com.

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