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11 Surprising Facts & Figures About Online Learning

We have seen a growth in online education since the year 2022. Are you one of those students who are being made to study on their phones and laptops? Some students are more comfortable with this idea because it’s cheap and within everyone’s reach. However, other students have been searching for take my classes for me services.

There are millions of students today who are learning through mediums. Yet, there are many facts about online education that will blow your mind. So let’s learn all the facts about online education that you didn’t know before!

The Fast Growing Tendency In Online Learning

Fact 1: Many students from different fields study through online education. This new way of learning has become more popular than anyone can imagine. Today, around 30% of students are taking some form of online education.

Fact 2: Moreover, online learning for undergraduate students has grown from 21% to 32% in the last 3 years. Back in 2003, there were only 16% of undergraduates were taking online classes.

Age Does Not Matter Anymore

Fact 3: Indeed, you can become a student at any age in your life thanks to online education. This learning gives you opportunities without looking at your age, gender, and class. 4.5% of students aged 15-23 only take online courses. Furthermore, 3.2% got their degree completely online.

Fact 4: 10.4% of students aged 24-30 are only taking online courses. Out of this group, around 8% got their degree only through online learning.

Fact 5: In the above 30 age group, 15.9% of students finished college completely online. Out of them, around 13% got their degree without in-person lectures or exams.

It Helps People Learn Fast

Fact 6: Your company wants you to learn fast and meet their high expectations. Thus, e-learning is perfect for a competitive corporate environment. E-learning takes 40% to 60% less time than learning the same subject in a traditional setting. Additionally, students perform better in online learning than with face-to-face teaching.

Fact 7: Almost 40% of students like learning online because the courses are fast-paced. This gives them a fast track to earn their degree of choice.

It is Great for Students With Disabilities

Fact 8: Remote learning can help you access any course, anywhere, anytime. The new online technologies help students get the benefits of online learning. 26% of undergraduates who are learning online have some kind of movement disability.

Fact 9: 21% of online students in undergraduate programs have a sensory impairment. Furthermore, 4% of completely online students have some mobility impairment. Hence, online learning opens many windows of opportunities for students with disabilities.

It’s Good for the Environment

Fact 10: We are all surprised to hear this but online learning is good for the environment. This is because it saves of paper, on travelling and many other natural resources. Hence, online learning is a great way to converse energy and resources. Online education uses only 90% less energy and leaves 85% less carbon footprint.

Fact 11: Furthermore, online education will save a lot of time and money you spend on travelling. Exactly, Americans spend around 51 minutes per day and almost $9,000 per year on travel. So, if you’re learning online, you’d be saving the environment and your own resources.

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