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Year of the Tiger 2022: What Lucky Colors Attracts Good Fortune

A new year gives an opportunity to start things anew with a clear mind. To help us succeed, we wish for good fortune and positivity this year. Find out how feng shui and lucky colors this year can bring to you!

Feng Shui, a discipline that believes in harmonizing energy to bring good fortune, prosperity, and good health, was introduced to us by Chinese culture. According to Chinese astrology, 2022 will be the Year of the Water Tiger, a symbol of ambition, competitive spirit, impulsiveness, and communication. We must be courageous in the year of the Tiger. We must accept every challenge that comes our way, and we will be blessed.

According to Chinese astrology, here’s all you need to know about Feng Shui and the lucky colors for the Year of the Tiger. As you start on an entirely new adventure with hope and confidence in 2022, let’s all welcome good energy and eliminate negative ones.

What are the Lucky Colors for the Year of the Tiger 2022?

Year of the Tiger Lucky Colors
Year of the Tiger Lucky Colors

The lucky colors for the year 2022 are cerulean blue, fiery red, mint green, and royal yellow. These lucky colors are drawn from the four Feng Shui elements: water (the element of the year 2022), wood (the Tiger’s primary element), fire, earth, and the Yang polarity.

They are also referred to as “reinforcing colors” since they increase the luck of individuals who wear them as lucky charms or apparel. You can also use these colors in your house.

Color Significance

Lucky Colors to Wear this Year
Lucky Colors to Wear this Year

Cerulean blue: This color is associated with tranquility, freedom, and peace. This color will improve one’s chances of success in job interviews, interaction, and concessions. Excessive use of this color stimulates the water element and can cause discouragement, laziness, and frigidity.

Mint green: This color stimulates therapeutic, development, and being innovative while activating the wood element. Mint green can bring good fortune to individuals looking forward to adjusting to a new job or location or going on a recent trip. However, overusing this hue may result in feelings of despair and envy.

Fiery Red: A signifier of dynamism, life, desire, and love, fiery red stimulates the element of fire and is promising for individuals embarking on a romantic relationship or expecting a child. Although this is a good color for improving your love life, using it excessively might cause resentment.

Imperial yellow: This color symbolizes clairvoyance, intellect, and organization. Imperial yellow is a complementary color for obtaining property and transferring prized possessions. Still, excessive usage of this color can lead to pride and infidelity.

Lucky Colors for Home

Every room and space in your home has a purpose, and similar ideas cannot be used in most areas. Colors, furniture layout, and furnishings should differ from room to room.

Feng shui coloring and home modifications are based on the disposition that must be developed for the specific location. Most of these notions are generally sound observations.

In terms of home décor, the colors of 2022 will be influenced by the ocean. As a result, blue is the focal point, but so are the green tones.

Choosing the body of water to determine this year’s colors implies having a wide range of colors, depth, and intricacy. After all, the ocean isn’t just a single shade of blue; it also has shades of green and tranquil tones. This palette of calming hues relates to finding calm throughout the previously described times of rapid change.

Other tones influenced by the sea are sandy white, deep black, and a deeper, cooler green. Overall, this is a nature-inspired palette that is so diverse that no one would ever feel confined to a specific color selection.

Moreover, the layout of a room refers to how furniture is arranged to maximize energy flow. Special arrangements can also be made to help with this step. Placing furniture in a particular area is determined not only by the home’s overall layout but also by its function.

Simple changes are frequently made to existing household furnishings as well as arrangements. You may realize that some must be moved about, while others do not have any in place in the room, requiring them to be removed.

Begin by implementing these simple ideas to help your property see what tremendous changes it will eventually bring to your life.

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