Window cleaning: Tips For Cleaning Window Panes

Proper window cleaning? Sometimes they are so dirty that no product can completely remove all the dirt. At SCS Group, we have extensive experience dealing with this type of situation both in companies and in the neighborhood and communities. For this reason, we are going to share with you some tips that work for us and that may work for you, too.

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Use a soft cotton cloth to avoid damaging the crystals

Have you always believed that using kitchen paper was the best way to leave your windows impeccable? However, this is not so. Just as we use tricks for cleaning marble, such as using a cotton cloth, this can help you learn how to clean window panes well so that there is no trace of the product. In our cleaning services in Sydney, it works very well for us.

With a cotton cloth, you will prevent the lint from dirtying what you just cleaned again, something that is always frustrating. But there is another drawback. Although you now know this first of the tricks to clean window glass, there may still be traces of the product you used to do this. What can you do when this happens? Well, let’s discover the next key.

Water and soap are the cheapest product you will find

A second key on how to clean very dirty window glass is to use soap and water. This is something you have at home, so you don’t have to run out for a bottle of window cleaner if you’ve run out. Sometimes there are grease stains (especially on kitchen windows), dirt, food, or other products that have left their mark on the glass. Removing them is usually difficult.

At SCS Group, what we advise you to do is fill a container with warm water and neutral soap. Then, you can listen to us with the previous trick on how to clean the window panes well and take a cotton cloth. Submerge it in this water and rub insistently on those parts where dirt has accumulated. Then use a clean rag to remove excess soap. The result is impeccable!

Wipe in one direction to avoid trace stains

One of the last keys how to clean window panes well is to do it in one direction. We are sure that when you do it; you do not notice this. You just rub in all directions without an order. This can cause you to stain what you just cleaned and end up leaving marks from the dirt that your windows already had. Cleaning is not effective and needs to be fixed. 

So what we advise you with this other trick to clean window glass is to always clean from right to left, or vice versa. Likewise, do it starting at the top and ending at the bottom. The reason is simple. When you apply soap and water, or a glass cleaner, it falls down. If you start here, you will end up dirtying the part that you already cleaned. What a disaster!

At SCS Group, they have dedicated us to cleaning for a long time and we know a lot about how to properly clean window panes. Sometimes, with small changes, we can simplify cleaning and achieve better results. If you need effective hygiene in your neighborhood community or your business, contact us right now! We will be happy to do a good job for you.


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