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Why You Should Visit Spiti Valley?

An avid traveler who wants to expand his horizons the Spiti Valley is really a must-visit place. Not only for trekking but very famous for photography, adventure, and meditation. The valley has beautiful terrains, descents roads many monasteries to visit, and not-so-popular glaciers Spiti valley is the ultimate experience for those who want to do off-beat trekking. The spectacular Spiti valley is also known as “Tiny Tibet” and “The  Snow Dessert”. For those who are astrophysics lovers for them, this place will be very special as in winter they can witness Northern Lights in India exclusively here. The lines which can describe perfectly Spiti valley are, 

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Reasons Why Visit Spiti Valley

  1. Spectacular High Mountains

This snow desert of Himalaya has very unique mountains which are made up due to meltdown of snow, the erosion made it completely distinct. These rock structures are really worth visiting. Take beautiful pictures amidst these rock mountains. 

  1. Photography for scenic landscapes

The whole beautiful valley is best for photography. One can endlessly roam around the valley with clicking photographs. The sun rays play very delightfully through the ranges of mountains. This barren landscape of Spiti glows very differently at different times of the day.  The green lush agricultural lands and over them small clouds are floating. This is the most picture-perfect thing for any photographer.

  1. Beautiful Hamlets

There are many small towns all around the Spiti Valley. The friendly local people have very nice hospitality. Many local people offer homestays, which is the best thing to experience authentic life in the Himalayas. 

  1. Star Gazing

The magnificent glimpse of the Milky way can be spotted from this 15000 ft high altitude. The villages like Dhankar, Kaza, Langza, and Chitkul one can have a campsite near to this village at night and experience stargazing at night.

As there is no pollution at all and the sky is always clear one can easily enjoy the fascinating starry night. Many people who are stargazing lovers but not adventurers also visit this place in winter.

  1. Monasteries of Spiti

Not only for those who follow Buddhism but for all of them who are in search of inner peace can visit these beautiful monasteries. There 5 major monasteries in Spiti are situated at Tabo, Kye, Kungri, Dhankar, and Komic. The oldest among them is the Tabo monastery which is around 1000 years old. The monasteries here in Spiti are made up of mud and they look breathtaking against the barren brown landscape of Spiti. 

  1. Dhankar lake

From around half an hour from Dhankar, the pristine Dhankar lake is situated. The quietness around this lake will almost take you into a meditation state. One can see hours and hours of reflection in this lake. Sometimes the lake doesn’t have enough water due to less amount melted glaciers. If you plan your visit in early May.

  1. Fossil Park at Langza 

This offbeat place, this one is also a must visit place for those who love the environment. As the Himalayas rise from the sea this fossil park is proof of that. The lush green surroundings of Langza will soothe your eyes in this barren land. About 40 50years ago when the Indian army was digging into bunkers at this place they found a body that was later kept as Lama in meditation. The fossil museum nearby is a must-visit place.

  1. Mud Village

The whole village lies along a 100 meters long road flanked by spectacular mountains all around. Here you will find little bakeries which are the meeting points for travelers. This is the last village which can be reached by a motorable road. For many tourists and travelers, this village is like a base for other hiking destinations.

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These many places are here to explore and witness this magnificent Spiti Valley. If planning to visit Spiti Valley then plan in advance and also get prepared for the extreme challenges. Let your soul get free in the Spiti valley as a true trekker.

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