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Why to Choose Study MBBS in China as an Indian Students?

What Makes China an Attractive Option?

India’s temptation to go to China, primarily to get a medical degree, began about 10-12 years ago – mainly among parents in southern India. The limited number of medical seats in Indian public colleges and expensive private institutions has forced Indian students to look for opportunities abroad – in countries such as China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Bangladesh. Okay, so, why to choose study MBBS in China as an Indian student? Here, in this blog, is the answer to your all question. Admission to colleges outside of India is also based on the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) scores.

However, while Indian public colleges require about 600 points out of 720, Chinese colleges accept even if a student scores 400 or less.

Cost of Study MBBS in China

“Students who are not able to get an expensive medical degree in an Indian private medical college to choose China as an option because one can practice medicine in China for Rs 3 lakh a year. For private Indian colleges, the fee will be very high. In addition, it is easier to enter outside India, the NEET scores required are lower,” said Neeraj Chaurasia, MBBS consultant Gurukul, a consulting agency.

Other Factors of Study MBBS in China

  • Besides, students also feel that there is a similarity in China in terms of food and they can adapt to the culture better than in Russia or elsewhere.
  • The Indian Medical Council (MCI) has recognized 45 Chinese universities and colleges for the 2019-20 academic year, where Indian students can study medical courses.
  • All MCI-certified institutions offer degrees in English.
  • All MCI-recognized universities are funded by the Chinese government and the annual tuition fee is about Rs 3 lakh.
  • Seats Offered each year for MBBS in China
  • Public colleges in India also pay between 50,000 and 2 lakhs a year, but the number of places is very limited – about 31,000 places are offered each year.
  • Private colleges, meanwhile, charge students a lot of money – up to Rs 10 a year.
  • Institutions recognized by MCI in China offer a total of 3,370 places for international students, with the maximum number of Indian students.
  • Indian students are also admitted to MCI accredited colleges that offer bilingual degrees.

Schedules are the Same as India

About 90 percent of Indians who go to China go for MBBS, the rest go to engineering. And then there are some who go to management and language courses, but a large portion is just for medicine.

The reasons are very simple, the MBBS curriculum in China is very similar to the MBBS Indian curriculum. In addition, it is available for Indian parents. Some institutions there offer medical education at even lower prices than private Indian universities,” Kondapalli said.

Professor Jabin Jacob, who teaches at Shiv Nadar University’s Department of International Relations and Management Studies. Said the infrastructure, laboratories, and equipment at Chinese universities are much better than their Indian counterparts.

Plenty of scholarships

“About 90-95 percent of Indian students go to China for MBBS and the rest for language learning. India has been sending students to China for a long time to learn the language. There are also a number of scholarships for MBBS in China between the two countries. This will also increase the number of students. ”

In addition to individual universities, scholarships are offered by the government of each province of China.

These scholarships are mainly awarded to students for studying Mandarin. Students often choose a one-year language course or a bachelor’s or master’s program.

For studying MBBS in China, NEET is important. So, read How to do NEET 2022 Preparation?

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