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Why Brands Embed Google Reviews On Website – And You Should Too!

92% of customers prefer to buy from brands that are recommended by others, which shows how reviews are the best tool to sell more in the market. And when it comes to reviews, Google Reviews are one of the most authentic and reliable forms of UGC that can boost your website ROI. By embed Google reviews to your website, you can hit your marketing and sales goals easily.

Brands today have a well-designed and separate section on their website for reviews to get the attention of the readers, and you should too. Using embed Google reviews on your website will benefit you in more ways than you would have thought. Let’s understand what benefits brands are getting by embedding Google reviews into their website and how you can benefit from it too.

Benefits of Embedding Google Reviews on Website

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1. Rise on the Brand Credibility Bar

For a brand’s success, it is fundamentally important to be in a position where its users can trust and believe in it. Your potential customers will connect with you as much as they will connect with your satisfied customers.

That’s exactly how Google reviews will help you. Because Google reviews are a reliable source of UGC, they will present your happy customers vibe to your target audience. People will distinguish you from other brands as a reliable brand that solves customer problems. 

2. Fast Purchasing Decisions and More Sales

UGC is 85% more effective in increasing conversion rates than standard branded content. Before making a purchase decision, people take time to understand the brand and its product or services, but with Google Reviews on your website, you will have their trust ball in your court sooner. Therefore, reducing the time taken by potential buyers to make a purchase and leading to more conversions and sales for you. While adding Google reviews, we suggest that you add a CTA button near the Google reviews viewport. It will increase the chances of customers clicking on it and buying from you.

3. Inspire Users to Share Reviews

Showing Google reviews on the website is a good way to inspire your customers and employees to share their experiences and reviews about your brand. It will help create a loop of more customer reviews coming in regularly for your business. At the same time, by highlighting the Google reviews on your website, you can make your customers feel valued and build strong customer-brand relationships. 

4. Enhance the Website Vibrancy

Google reviews break the visual monotony appeal of the website and add a different sight to it. Brands these days use a social media aggregator tool to design a customized Google review widget for their website. With the help of the tool, you can also create your beautifully designed Google review widget for your website, like adding a theme, background, banner, changing the fonts and colors.

5. Boosts SEO Performance

It is important to appear on top search engine results, get the audience to click on your website, and visit it. But if you can’t make them visit your website, all the effort is in vain. Having Google reviews will help your website position higher. Also, when you appear on Google, alongside Google Reviews appear that can help increase the click-through rate.

The main website content is not updated regularly, but new Google Reviews is a good tactic to send search engines signals that your content is fresh and up-to-date. It will also help in higher SERP rankings.  

6. Engage the Website Visitors

The information about the company and your offerings on the website is not enough to keep the website visitor captured and reading till the end. Most people scroll through the website, and if they don’t find any relevant information, they skip and go back. So before you can convince them to buy from you, they are already closing the tab. 

That’s why it becomes essential to add some interesting content as an element that catches the eye of the reader. Google reviews are the perfect fit as it keeps the reader interested in knowing your previous customers’ perspective and understanding how you have helped them.

Adding Google Reviews on websites also helps you keep the website visitor engaged in reading the content, thereby increasing their dwell time.

7. Free Source of Marketing Content

Creating new marketing content for websites is not an easy task, and you can avoid the hassle by using user-generated content such as Google Reviews. It is a completely free form of marketing. Using it on the website will help you save costs and time for creating new website content.

Over To You

Google reviews are user-generated content where the brand has no influence on how and what the customer should share in the review. It is the authentic content that can be very influential in making the potential customers’ decisions in your favor. 

All you have to do is capitalize on Google Reviews by adding them to your website to win the trust of your audience and see them converting into regular customers.

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