When Do You Need Short-Term Security?

While the potential threats that can pose a risk to your business and your clients vary, there is an urgent need for effective and efficient security services in the short term. United Security Services understands your concerns and has many years of experience that allow us to provide you with the highest quality and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what is important.

We have encountered many different incidents in our work, which is why our services are diverse and very suitable for all your potential needs. Our professionally trained officers are equipped to handle any unusual scenarios or concerns you may encounter.

We offer our clients round-the-clock emergency service for armed, semi-armed and unarmed class officers. Each of these officers is accessible via a patrol, booth or mobile phone. We will be happy to meet you, assess your situation and adapt our services to the needs of any event or situation.

The need for security in San Bernardino

San Diego has the lowest rate of violent crime among the ten most populous cities in the United States, and the crime rate in 2019 was reported as one of the lowest in 40 years (source).

However, according to SANDAG’s bi-annual crime report, the number of robberies and aggressive attacks increased significantly in the first half of 2019 compared to 2018, and an average of about $ 539,000 was stolen daily in San Diego County last year.

The types of security threats that threaten society are increasing, from theft and vandalism to active shooters and terrorists. The losses that society has suffered as a result of these crimes are shocking. In 2018 and 2019, workplace attacks identified annual losses of $ 121 billion. Caution and caution needed to ensure, these numbers do not continue to rise.

What are short-term security guards?

We provides three different types of officers to suit your different needs. Unarmed officers had a mobile or two-way radio, a flashlight, and handcuffs. In addition to Mace, the semi-armed officers also wore a TASER and a cane. The armed officers eventually carried everything mentioned, as well as a firearm.

Depending on the location and situation, different types of protection may required. Stand: There is an infantry patrol officer on site.
Courtesy Patrol: A police officer in a car arrives on site at various times, while also using a walking patrol to cover the entire area.

Mobile: a combination of the first two options, a police officer in the car driving the place and its insertion by planned patrol patrols.

The type of protection is determined with respect to the location, security requirements and other relevant factors. For example, in many open areas, such as parking lots or parks, it is advantageous to have a mobile patrol. In places that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or until late, there is a greater likelihood of crime and therefore an increased need for protection services. We can help you determine which services are most convenient and tailor the various options that work best for you.

Why hire security for a short time?

Short-term security staff are professionally trained in problem prevention, risk assessment, mitigation, protection, crowd control and more. In addition to active on-site patrols, they can also check letters of evidence, restrict access to certain areas and monitor video surveillance.

A 2017 study conducted in the South West of England found that the presence of patrol officers in public places caused a 49% increase in crimes reported by guards and a 16% decrease in reported crimes. reported by the victims. It shows the effectiveness of security teams in preventing crime and other incidents.

Managing these tasks by a professional security team can significantly reduce the pressure you feel on the security of your business and allow you to focus on your other responsibilities. A short-term watchdog has many other benefits.

Presence control

With more traffic and excitement around an event or popular time of year, your business may be at greater risk of crime, such as vandalism, theft, unauthorized entry, and more.

Not only can the security detect and respond to suspicious activity in the short term, but their presence acts as a deterrent to criminals. A company with visible uniform security measures is less likely to target and more effective as a visual deterrent than standard security measures such as CCTV.

Reduce stress

Their other responsibilities include training short-term security guards in short-term situations and reducing running stress. Especially when there are many people or an emergency occurs, it is easy for individuals to become chaotic or uncomfortable and cause chaos. Security guards can effectively deal with such incidents and minimize any damage or disruption. Peace of mind

Just as the presence of a security guard on the spot can deter criminals, it can also provide a sense of security. It is easier for employees to maintain attention and the usual level of productivity when they do not feel that their personal safety is at stake.

Likewise, the presence of security, especially if it is personal and friendly, sends a message to your customers and clients.

For companies operating in areas with high crime or at risk, security guards can have more peace of mind for all involved. Third party target

In some cases, the threat or concern is internal rather than external. You may have concerns about compliance, strange behavior, or internal security in your company. By hiring short-term security from a third party, such as United Security Services, you will get an objective and reliable view of these events.

There is no conflict of interest because the security guards will respond to their affairs instead of you; so they can be reliable in reporting suspicious activity or behavior in the workplace.

Cost effective and easy

If you hire short-term security from a professional and certified company, they cover a lot of costs; it includes everything the guards own, from their education and credentials to uniforms and personal belongings.

In addition, hiring a private company is much easier, because individual selection of suitable security guards and screening of each individual can be time consuming.

When to rent short-term security

There are many different situations where you can benefit from hiring a security guard for a short time. The key is that you need more protection when you expect an increased risk.

An example of increased risk is when your business is weaker than usual due to changes or emergencies that could exploit vulnerabilities. Another example is high traffic; The more people move around your business and its surroundings, the greater the chance that crime will occur.

Here are some examples of when short-term security guards can be valuable and how they can really help.

Reopening of businesses and public places

Whether your event is a grand opening, a convention or holiday shopping, short-term security guards may needed to ensure safety during uncertain hours. High accidents can cause physical injuries to visitors due to congestion and speed.

Temporary security guards can help reduce congested traffic and facilitate the safe flow of future and outgoing pedestrian and car traffic.

Likewise, security guards are trained for a short period of time to detect suspicious activities and control thefts

and other crimes that can dangerous in long-term traffic events due to the circulation of the environment.

Construction areas

Constructions usually do not seem to be a short-lived event; however, if your location is left unattended for several hours a day for many weeks, it can easily  affect by various threats.

The nature of the construction has many risks and obligations. Builders face many risks when concluding a new contract. On-site security and patrol services ensure the safety of construction workers and valuable equipment used throughout the process. Events

Large events can pose a significant risk to the safety of their visitors. If you are planning a private party, nightclub, sports event, concert or festival, we strongly recommend hiring security services for a short period of time.

The cramped spaces reveal unique methods of crime that the average citizen may not notice. Any action where there is an increased level of excitement and danger of drinking for fast people, drunken brawls, petty crimes and so on.

Professional security officer San Bernardino are trained to detect specific thefts that can accompany major incidents, and how to deal with delinquents while minimizing disruption to your business. Criminal threat

Although this does not happen very often, there are times when a company becomes the target of criminal intentions. This may mean that a dangerous person has reported in the area or that an employee in the workplace may deal with a stalker.

However, a short-term protector can give you comfort


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