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What will AI do to the recruitment process by 2022?

AI isn’t a modern technology in recruitment. That will fade away tomorrow. On the contrary, it is a necessary technology for the foreseeable future. In an industry with many options and precious time, AI is indispensable.

How does this technology impact our HR departments?

Today’s AI Tool

Recruiters around the globe are using AI and ML to their advantage. These technologies are used to screen candidates from the beginning of the hiring process. It extracts additional information from interviews and matches them to the right roles. It has right from the beginning of the hiring process to the day of hire.

Many recruiting software India agencies even use computer vision to verify the identities of candidates. They also administer skill-based assessments from various locations. They move through each step at their convenience.

The technology aids hiring managers during the interview process by creating a behavioural profile for the candidate. It uses speech recognition and natural language processing. It also gives suggestions to hiring managers. They should investigate from a nontechnical skills perspective.

These are the key AI tools being deployed today:

  • AI-driven job distribution to optimize RoI for job ads.
  • Matching automated resumes.
  • Interviewing with Artificial intelligence.
  • AI-based interview scheduling.
  • Cognitive remote proctoring uses computer vision to secure online assessments.
  • Predictive hiring uses post-hire performance to make hiring suggestions.

AI empowers recruitment teams to be true strategists and champions of candidate experience. It ensures the best candidates join their companies. It would be wiser for teams to become super-recruiters rather than get left behind.

Hiring Times

AI can solve the most pressing problems in recruitment. It refers to the delay in offering the qualified/shortlisted candidate a job in the company. In recruitment, it is essential to hire on time. Research shows that the best candidates only stay on the job market for ten days. Sixty per cent of job seekers lose interest in companies that take too long to hire, increasing costs.

AI can help reduce the hiring lag within an organization. By remote communication, automation, and re-using past data. Automating takes care of repetitive, routine tasks so that recruiters can concentrate on building relationships. In addition, AI can automate many of today’s recruiter’s mundane tasks. Such as matching a resume with a job description or scheduling an interview.

Overwhelming Statistics

It gives the fact that there is a high demand for recruiting. While recruiter headcount remains low, AI/automation tools will remain a top recruitment software category in 2022. Ideal uses AI to screen and shortlist candidates by reviewing resumes, assessments, and conversations. You don’t need to learn new software. It works with your existing Applicant Tracking System., another platform, offers an automated assistant software that schedules meetings, transcribes calls, and creates departmental knowledge bases. Finally, Talview is a tool that helps to recruit and screen candidates. It includes a recruitment bot, AI video interviews, and assessments.

What about AI Bias?

AI bias is primarily due to biases in the training data. AI has been criticized for stereotyping candidates. It believes that AI can expose the truth within messy data sets. Algorithms can help us understand biases. We don’t yet know and spot ethically questionable ripples of human data to verify our judgments.

Exposing human data to algorithms exposes bias. However, we consider the outputs rationally. Machine learning can spot anomalies. There are many ways to avoid bias.

The key steps are to find the best model to address a particular situation. It ensures that training data includes diverse groups. Monitoring performance is also essential to ensure equality of opportunity.

Textio is another AI-driven recruiting software. It can detect discriminatory language and suggest alternative words.

Globalization will lead to more data being used in recruitment. AI can be an excellent tool for companies to improve communication, interpersonal, leadership, and soft skills. AI can help a recruiting department stop getting caught up in the filing and follow-up process. Instead, focus on the human resource part.

Advika Apte

Advika Apte is a serial entrepreneur at Techimply, with experience in the technology-driven field. She’s keen to share her knowledge on a few technology-related topics with readers that can assist any kind of business. Her passion for helping others keeps her motivated.

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