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What Types of Eye Drops Help Glaucoma?

A Beginner’s Guide to Your Glaucoma Eye Drops

A common question among people with glaucoma is What eye drops should I be using? Many people with glaucoma use several different drops to deal with their condition, but there are also several types of eye drops that are used specifically for glaucoma. For example, Careprost (generic latanoprost) and Lumigan (generic bimatoprost) are both medications used to treat open-angle glaucoma, while Super Lash (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) is an eyelash growth medication used to lengthen and thicken eyelashes.

In glaucoma, the optic nerve and the pathways that carry information from the eye to the brain are damaged. As this happens, vision becomes blurry and tunnel-like, and then blind spots develop in the field of vision. The most common type of glaucoma is open-angle glaucoma, which has no early symptoms and can lead to blindness without treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eye Drops for Glaucoma

I used to work as a glaucoma specialist and care for patients with glaucomas of all types. Most patients with open-angle glaucomas will be on eye drops for life, but I’ve found that most people aren’t exactly sure what those eye drops are doing for them or why they have to keep using them. If you have glaucomas (or might get them), it’s helpful to understand your eye drops better and use them correctly. Here are some of the most common questions about Lumigan (bimatoprost) and Careprost (bimatoprost).

Prescription eyedrops

Although there are over-the-counter eyedrops for dry eyes, these aren’t a cure for glaucoma. If you have glaucoma, your eye doctor will recommend prescription eyedrops such as Lumigan or Super Lash to treat your condition. You prescribed steroidal eyedrops (Pred Forte), which can help reduce intraocular pressure and prevent damage to your optic nerve and visual field. If you need information about these or other types of eye drops, don’t hesitate to contact your local pharmacist or eye care specialist!

Over-the-counter eyedrops

There are many over-the-counter eyedrops that help reduce pressure inside your eyes and reduce eye strain, which is good for those suffering from glaucoma. If you have glaucoma, it’s important to be aware of some other options: SuperLash MD, Lumigan and Buy Careprost. The side effects with these medications can include stinging, burning or an unpleasant feeling in your eyes. But if your doctor says these treatments are safe for you to use, it’s worth trying them out before considering prescription drops.

Homemade eyedrops

There are a number of options for homemade eye drops, but Super Lash is one of our favorites. This is an all-natural eye drop that will decrease pressure in your eyes and improve circulation. All you need to do is mix 1/2 tsp Super Lash with 4 oz water and store it in a bottle (shake well). Put 5 drops into each eye, twice daily. There are a number of other great home remedies out there, like Lumigan Eye Drops (which contain bimatoprost), but they can be pricey. If you’re looking for cheap alternatives, try Home Remedies: Baking Soda and Vinegar – Both ingredients have similar effects to lumigan eye drops at a fraction of cost.

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