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What to see from Dubai to Muscat by car

Drive from Dubai to Muscat and cross the border by car.

Before knowing how to drive from Dubai to Muscat by car, let’s start at the beginning. My previous trip was to the United Arab Emirates, where I spent 5 days visiting places between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I really wanted to visit Oman and had 5 days off after Dubai, so I initially looked for flights to be able to travel to the country. After that trip to Oman my intention was to go directly to Lapland, so I had to catch a flight in Dubai or make a stopover in the UAE capital, so I dismissed the flight to Oman, and the power to visit the country by car, in the same rental car that I had during my stay in the United Arab Emirates.

The route from Dubai to Muscat by Car.

There are 2 main routes to go from Dubai to Muscat and vice versa. For the trip to Muscat I decided to go through the interior, for the return, I decided to go through the coast.

The first trip to the capital of Oman lasts approximately 5 hours and is about 500 km (the same as along the coast). The road in Dubatí territory is good, a multi-lane highway where you can circulate up to 140 kilometers per hour (but you will see that the locals pass you as if you were on a bicycle). However if you want to spend your journey with luxury, you can rent Luxury car Dubai or any high end car, from a Lamborghini rental Dubai The environment begins to change as soon as you get away from Dubai and you begin to see dunes and dunes and miles and miles of sand. The truth is that until reaching the bordering city of Al Ain, the trip becomes a bit heavy, since it is all straight and there is only desert around. The trip to the border is approximately 2 hours.

How to cross the border between Dubai and Oman

In order to cross the border, you need a company that allows it. In fact, I only found a company that allows you to visit the neighboring country, Budget, yes, insurance does not work for Oman, so you have to stop at some posts near the border to update your policy. They simply ask that the insurance is in force in Dubai and they make you an extension that you pay for days, to be able to drive through Oman.

The theory was very clear, but it took me a bit to find one of these places, come on, not only to find them, but the first 2 that I went, being a foreigner, they didn’t even want to attend to me. With which I spent almost 30 minutes driving through Oman without insurance, but in principle nothing has to happen. Do not expect a store with a bright sign that indicates perfectly where to do this management. Oman are local, lost to the side of the road as if they were 2 or 3 houses and a low of those houses there is a man behind a counter, if you have you fill in that address you and the person who is behind the talk counter something of English, you can now circulate in Oman with your new insurance.

Cross the border by rental car from Dubai to Oman

Honestly, it is one of the trips that I have gone on the most adventure. On the internet I only found an answer from a review that talked about the issue of crossing the border by rental car, and from there I saw that reading very well on pages such as in the specifications, it says whether or not you can cross the borders with That company, but nothing else, I did not know how to extend my insurance, in fact, between leaving the UAE and entering Oman there are a few kilometers, which I drove without insurance and where there are the establishments to update the policy to the country. Just when I wanted to enter Oman (it is a wooden beacon with 2 guards) they told me that I could not enter and that is when they explained to me that I had to turn around, get my insurance extension and then I could enter.

How to apply for a visa in Oman if you arrive by land

Once you cross the border, you arrive like a small palace where you can process your visa to officially enter Oman.

Once you get to the office, you park the car (I really was totally alone), after showing the passport, and delivering all the papers and some jokes and conversation with the agents (they didn’t have much work to tell the truth) and upon payment of about 12 euros, they give you the entry visa for a few days in Oman. Checkout for: Management Office Chair Dubai

How to get to Muscat

Once with all the papers in order, I go to the capital, which is only 4 hours and about 350 km. The change is radical, what used to be dunes are now mountains and rocks, also similar to the desert but you can already see that we are in a different place. The roads begin to get worse, but it can be done with any tourism without problem, until you can get to the coast, where you can take a kind of highway that takes you to the capital.

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