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What to Do When You Have a Dental Emergency

Take good care of your teeth and gums with a good home dental hygiene routine. You also go to the dentist every six months.

Are there times when you have to go to the dentist unannounced, such as in a dental emergency?

You don’t even know what dental emergency care is. How do you know if you have one and why is it important to see the dentist as soon as possible?

What are dental emergencies?

Dental emergencies are often caused by accidents resulting in blunt force trauma to the face or mouth. Lost teeth, cracked, chipped, or broken teeth, lacerations of the lips, inner cheeks and gums, toothaches, headaches, and excessive bleeding in the mouth are common examples of emergency dental.

Dental emergencies cause a great deal of pain and discomfort, can lead to other more complex dental problems, and inhibit the ability to use normal mouth functionality and lead a normal, happy life.

Why do I have to see the dentist right away?

In case of a dental emergency involving missing, broken, or chipped teeth or bleeding, cuts in parts of the mouth and face, jaw, or headache should be treated immediately by a dental professional.

In the case of damaged teeth, the teeth have the best chance of being saved the sooner they are treated. Once it clears, it goes away unless treated by a dentist within a short period of time after the injury. Missing teeth not only leave embarrassing gaps in your smile but may also require additional dental care to prevent other oral health issues, such as tooth shifting and progressive weakening and breaking of the teeth. jaw bone.

If the emergency requires surgery, the dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon or the nearest medical emergency room for treatment of the emergency.

All of these problems can get worse, causing more damage and discomfort, reducing your sense of well-being.

Getting prompt treatment for your dental emergency care can not only save your teeth and a beautiful smile but also prevent you from contracting life-threatening infections.

Most, if not all, dentists have an emergency phone number you can call. If the emergency occurs while the dentist’s office is open, go there immediately and ask the dentist to examine and treat you.

To save your smile, your well-being, and possibly your life, immediate treatment by a dental professional is necessary.

You may already have a dentist in Beaverton, Oregon, but what happens when your dentist is busy, out of town.  . Whether you damage your teeth during sports, daily chores, or even while eating; you don’t want to wait for those dental emergencies. Fortunately, thanks to emergency dental services, there is no need to wait.

Last year I was having dinner at a very nice restaurant in Beaverton, OR. While biting into a fluffy bun, I heard a very loud cracking sound. When I put my hand in my mouth, I found a broken tooth and immediately felt a lot of pain. I quickly tried to find an emergency dentist and expected it to be very difficult.

Emergency care dentists can see you after hours and on weekends to fix the problem. Fortunately, not all emergencies require a visit to the office. Dental emergencies are never a fun experience.

Choosing an emergency care dentist isn’t difficult. But you probably won’t have time to sift through your options to find the best one.  Finding an emergency dental service is worth the time and effort. Take the time to check with emergency dental providers and see what they can do for you.

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