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What do you need to pour acrylic paint?

What do you need to pour acrylic paint? To manipulate acrylic paint to be poured easily, we need to mix it with a pouring medium. The acrylic paint itself has a thick, buttery texture that will retain its brushstrokes when painted onto a surface. When poured, mixing acrylic paint with a pouring medium reduces its viscosity, giving it a glossy finish. You may also check our pencil art.

Acrylic casting can be (very) messy, so it’s crucial to have all your gear ready before you start. So, to cast acrylic, you will need:

Acrylic paints

You’ll be using many acrylic paints, so it’s a good idea to take larger, cheaper bottles of the simpler colors and then fill them with smaller bottles of more beautiful colors.

Acrylic paints 1

Additional white acrylic paint

You will also need a lot of white (or black) paint as a base, so make sure you have enough. Go for more extensive and more precious bottles in white/black color, because trust me, you will use a lot.

Go medium

Mix Liquitex Acrylic Casting Liquid with acrylic paint for easy paint handling. It dilutes the paint and gives you more time to work with it to create patterns. It mixes easily and is the most commonly used pouring medium.


If you prefer smaller cells, opt for Floetrol instead of Liquitex as a pouring medium. It is often easier to obtain and is sold as paint thinner in most hardware stores.


If you want to create more giant, more impressive cells (the bubble-shaped structures) in your acrylic casting masterpiece, mix a few drops of silicone into your paint.

Casting surface

What would you like to create? Decide what you want to make, whether canvas or benches, pebbles or vases. If you decide to buy diapers, buying in bulk is a good option as you can also get training diapers with it. I always like to use pebbles because they make beautiful decorative pieces (and gifts).


Mix the color with the pouring medium before applying acrylic paint to the surface. Small cups like these are ideal because you can put a lid on top and store anything you don’t use later. They will last a couple of weeks, so step back and come back later if you hit a creative block.

Mix the agitator

You will need some mixing sticks to mix your pouring medium with acrylic paint. Even better: go to the grocery store and get some ice cream sticks. Take a well-deserved break to eat popsicle sticks and BOOM. You will have your bars.

Drying rack

It would exist okay if you included a place to keep your artwork safe, as artwork created through acrylic molding can take around two or more weeks to dry. This to the chemical reactions that occur when acrylic paint is mixed with the pouring medium and silicone – as is known, ordinary acrylic paint dries within hours. So make sure you can store your work in a safe place where the paint can drip freely from the sides without ruining your table. Putting an old kitchen drying rack in a cardboard box is a great option.


If you are casting on canvas, it is good to prepare your canvas first by painting with a coat of chalk. It helps achieve a nice smooth finish when acrylic paint is poured onto the canvas. It’s unnecessary, but sending your canvas will help you get the best possible results from your acrylic molding.


Once you’ve made a strategy you’re comfortable with, you. You may want to paint it to protect it from the dirt of everyday life. If your artwork is going outdoors (for example, if you made some beautiful cast pebbles), be sure to purchase outdoor paint that can protect it from the elements.

Acrylic paints 2

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