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What Are The Suicide Reason And How To Avoid It

Suicide Reason does not only end the life of the one attempting it but it is a cause of devastation to those who he/she left behind. Family members go through pain, guilt, and regret that is a painful experience to go through, which can take months or even years to get relieved.

The one question family members and friends look to get an answer to are WHY? Why did their friend, parent, or sibling decide to take such a furious step? When someone decides to suicide it often takes people by surprise. People who survive suicide are reported that they did not want to die, they wanted to stop living so they free themselves from pain.

Below we look at some problems that are reasons suicides worldwide, and how you can avoid yourself or others not taking such a drastic step.

Why Do People Decide To Attempt Suicide?


This is by far the most common suicide reason people decide to commit suicide. Depression always comes with a sense of suffering as well as the belief that you won’t be able to escape from it. Check out more about this OCD treatment Cleveland Ohio.

Being depressed reforms their way of thinking, it allows ideas to come into the mind like “everyone would all be better off without me”. What people need to understand is that just like a cardiac patient isn’t blamed for experiencing chest pain, patients of depression shouldn’t be blamed for such distorted thoughts, it’s simply the nature of the disease they are facing. As depression is easily treated, we should instead focus on recognizing if it exists in our close friends and family.

Often people who suffer from depression do not tell anyone and plan suicide without letting anyone know. Inquiring directly about the issue always leads to an honest response. If you doubt that someone is depressed, don’t just simply deny the possibility of suicidal ideation taking place, instead of doing something about it.

Psychotic Thoughts 

Malicious voices in one’s head often command self-destruction. For instances like this Psychosis is the solution but is harder to treat than depression and can be more tragic. One example of a psychotic disorder is schizophrenia and often disturbs healthy and high-performing individuals. Psychosis is treatable, and it must be for a schizophrenic patient. Untreated psychosis as a result requires hospital admission to a locked area until the voices in the patient’s head lose their commanding power.


Impulsiveness is often a result of overuse of drugs and alcohol, some people become emotional and as a reaction attempt to end their own lives. It is the cause of Suicide Reason. Once the person is sober and calm, these people then have a feeling of guilt and shame. Whether or not he/she will ever attempt suicide again is unpredictable. They might try it again the next time they become drunk, or in the opposite case, never again in their lifetime. 

Desire To Die!

The decision of suicide for many is based on a decision motivated by the knowledge of a painful terminal illness. That they suffer from, and little to no hope of cure exists. These people aren’t depressed, psychotic, or crying out for help. Their thought process is that they are taking control of their destiny and their suffering. Which is usually done through death. Their choice to commit suicide as a way, according to them, is shortening their life that will happen regardless due to their illness. Desire to die is also another Suicide Reason.

How to Prevent Suicidal Thoughts

Never Be Afraid To Ask

Worried that someone you know feels suicidal? Rather than waiting for your concerns to turn out to be true. It’s better to just reach out and simply ask the question, “Are you thinking about suicide?”. Being direct opens the door for further conversation about how the person feels. According to studies having this conversation reduces any ideas of suicide.

Connect With Them

Connecting with someone is done in a variety of ways. The obvious method is to be physically present but is not the only option for you. One thing to keep in mind is that do not over-commit to people. And tell them that you are available when you are not. You can always show support by connecting with the patient on the phone or in any way that shows support for the person. If you are not able to be always present, connect them with your friends, neighbors, family members, and other groups with similar hobbies. Also, Check out PTSD treatment Cleveland Ohio.

Follow Up With Them

After you have asked if the patient is considering suicide, remove their access to dangerous items. And connect them to a support network that makes it easier to follow up. You can always check in and continue to show support with a phone call, sending a message, or stopping by for a visit. Regularly following up helps them feel less isolated and reduces their risk of suicide.

Wrapping Up

Suicide leaves serious wounds in the lives of the victim’s family or friends. This blog aims to give the general public information about how a normal person can know. If someone they know is suffering from such thoughts. Medical professionals in Cleveland Psychiatry Associates are here to help you out. We thank Giga Article for providing us this platform. Where anyone can read as he can and learn a lot. 

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