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The world of computing is constantly progressing and we cannot remain indefinitely on our achievements.

In the field of technological curiosity is not a bad thing, far from it! If you want to progress, you have to be thirsty for knowledge, as I already mentioned in the article Web developer in a few months? .

I’ve been a developer for a few years now and the road to becoming one was often steep and winding. I had to train myself in web development and find adequate resources to satisfy my taste for learning and building skills. However, during these years I did not need to go to an Asian country and settle next to a mysterious sensei to acquire my art. It turns out that today anyone can have access to great educational resources without leaving home. You can get in touch with Web Development Agency in Germany.

In this article I therefore provide you with completely free sites which, in my opinion, will help you progress and acquire new knowledge in web development.

1 – OpenClassroom

I doubt you’ve missed it, but you never know: OpenClassroom . It offers training on various topics ( Web Development, Project Management, Systems & Networks, Design etc. ). All developers know this famous site for the quality and clarity of its courses.

OpenClassroom occupies an important place in the self-training of developers in France for the simple reason that all training is available in French. This makes it accessible to people who are not very comfortable with the overseas language.

On this site, which is actually an educational platform, you will be able to follow your progress on the various training courses offered. OpenClassroom also offers the possibility of obtaining completion certificates or of following degree courses, even on a work-study basis!

2 – FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is a non-profit educational organization. Just like OpenClassroom , it provides several trainings and tutorials but only focused on programming. freeCodeCamp also offers training to obtain certifications (paid).

The strength of freeCodeCamp lies in its community made up of several million people from all over the world. Their YouTube channel has just over 2.5 million subscribers and regularly features content, mostly tutorials.

One of the goals of this organization is to make computing accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why, despite the fact that the tutorials are in English, it’s still quite affordable and understandable. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of the videos and tutorials, they are subject to collective validation (symbolized by the like/dislike ratio on the videos, for example).

One issue you will encounter as you learn web development is the number of resources available to help you. It becomes complicated to find one’s way among the ocean of available sites. It is for this reason that I am going to present to you sites grouping together and categorizing multiple resources.

3 – Design Resources

When creating a web application, design occupies an important place in the design of the latter. The design is made up of several elements: Mockup , Icons , Typography and Wireframe , to name only the best known. There are many sites and applications that facilitate the various creative processes involved in design.

How to choose the best one(s)? Where to find new tools allowing you to develop the design of your applications?

The solution can be summed up in two words: Design Resources .

Design Resources is a site which, as its name suggests, brings together several resources concerning design as a whole. On this you will be able to find a list of sites allowing you to: generate color palettes, create models, etc.

No inspiration for the design of your next project? Go to the Inspirations category to have access to several sites offering this type of content.

4 – Webgems

Webgems is a site intended for web developers as well as designers, whether they are beginners or experienced. It allows them to find or discover quality resources.

The themes available on this site are very varied: it goes through the classic FrontEnd , FullStack but also by HTML , Ruby , CSS or even Podcasts !

Webgems is Open Source and is based primarily on community suggestions. You can, if you wish, submit a new resource via the project on Github .

As in all Open Source projects, the community plays a major role in validating information and Webgems is no exception. You can therefore be sure that the sites presented have been tested and approved by a large number of developers as well as designers.

5 – DevDocs

Documentation occupies an important place in computer science. It makes it possible to explain in a clear way the objective, the constitution and the functioning of a project. During your various developments, you must have consulted one or more documentations, whether for HTML ,CSS, JavaScript or a particular framework .

As a developer advances in their learning, the amount of different concepts and languages ​​they master increases. If he has to intervene in a project made up of several languages ​​​​and/or technologies, he will have to consult as many different documentations.

This is what DevDocs was created for, because it combines a multitude of documentation in an organized way. Its greatest strength lies in its powerful search system. Indeed, on DevDocs you can select the documentation of several technologies and carry out a simultaneous search by keyword.

Beyond saving real time, this platform also allows you to discover new technologies and thus broaden your vision of development.


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