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Website development what will be in trend

In 2022, web development trends will shift even more towards the convenience of content consumption for the average user. In the early 2000s, the Internet was of interest mainly to techies and geeks; in the 2010s – mainly to young people, in the 2020s, more than half of the world’s population uses it daily. To make it comfortable for everyone to communicate, read, watch and buy online, the Internet space is constantly changing – it becomes easier, more accessible, and safer.

Web Design Trends 2022

Actual for the late 2010s, “design without design” gradually gives way to design created at the intersection of simplicity and artistic value. High-resolution photos, complex vector graphics, and unusual color combinations are increasingly appearing in the design of pages.

Vector graphics and 3D icons.

Anything that can be translated into a vector is translated into a vector. Such attention to the format, which can shrink and stretch without loss of quality, is easily explained by the fact that users want to see equally beautiful buttons and logos on the screens of smartphones, smart TVs, and on tablets with retinas.

The return of three-dimensional icons, and with them the fashion for volumes and shadows in everything, apparently has something to do with the oversaturation of the long-delayed flat design of the 2010s.

Either way, minimalist volume is a sign of good taste in early 2020s web design, something to keep in mind if you’re planning a redesign or new site development for 2022.

Design personalization.

Neural networks and big data are everywhere, including in the design of websites and web development services. Some analysts predict that in 2022, isolated cases of individual adaptation of page design for a category or individual user will become a trend for the time being.

What will it look like? Some programs will collect and analyze user data. Based on the analysis results, neural networks will be able to build the page’s design so that it is convenient for a particular user to interact with it.

Mobile First is not a trend for a long time but a rule of web development. But before, few people were engaged in adapting the design of web pages with a focus on people with disabilities. But in an era of tolerance, it will no longer be possible to ignore the existence of those whose user habits are very different from the majority.

How to adapt? On sites created in 2022 and later, it may well become the norm to be able to increase the font in one click or turn on voice prompts. Screen reader and voice control friendly designs may also have to be checked for offending the feelings of a particular social, religious or gender group.

What will change in approaches to web development

Website development is a flexible and fast-growing field, and some changes are constantly occurring. Not so long ago, creating websites in PHP was considered a progressive approach; today, search engines and users are too demanding on loading speed, so the ten-year-old leader of the top languages ​​​​for web development is no longer relevant.

Frameworks are catching up with CMS.

Content management systems make website development easier. But even the most modern commercial CMS do not provide the freedom and flexibility frameworks have, although they remain quite popular.

Business card sites, landing pages and corporate sites in the early 2020s are still made on ready-made CMS, online stores and online services with a set of integrations, interactive features and options that are more often created based on frameworks – Django, Flask, etc.

HTTPS is becoming the industry standard.

In 2022, many sites will stop working on Android 7.1 and older mobile operating systems that lack the necessary security certificates.

Google has been actively motivating website and service owners to switch to HTTPS. We have already written about why website security is important. In 2022, the transition will end, and everyone who resisted innovation will fall out of the market: sites will no longer appear in search results, open in the latest versions of browsers, and load on mobile devices.

Chatbots take over some of the features of websites.

Chatbot development will become an even more in-demand service in 2022. The most enterprising companies have already implemented software robots in various areas: from sales to support.

It is possible that in 2022 some website functions will migrate to bots completely. Messengers and social networks have support for acquiring, which means that you can place orders and pay for them right now without leaving Viber or Telegram.

SEO Predictions for 2022

In 2022, it will be more difficult to influence the position of a site in search results because the neural network trained by Google assessors will be engaged in ranking. Google shared the parameters of a healthy Web Vitals site in May 2020. The key ingredients for successful website promotion in search engines in 2022 are speed, content readability and quality.

Pages should load lightning fast.

A slow Internet connection is not always to blame for the slow loading of website pages.

When a user tries to download a site somewhere in a remote Transcarpathian village, where 3G is still only a dream, by default, he understands the possibilities of his connection and patiently waits. But if the same person is connected to WI-FI at high speed, the expectations will be higher, and he will not wait for a slow download – he will return to the search and go to another site.

Therefore, to bring the site to the top of search results in 2022, you need to work on its optimization and increase the loading speed to the maximum. A modern user waits 2–3 seconds, no more. Google knows this and ranks fast pages higher than slow ones.

EAT factors need to be considered.

Sites with content that, in one way or another, affects the quality of life and human well-being are already being promoted only if they are expert, relevant and safe. We have a nice blog post about YMYL sites and EAT principles. In 2022, compliance with the requirements for security and expertise will become a prerequisite for maintaining and growing positions in search results.

Due to the exactingness of search engines, SEO will inevitably rise in price. To generate expert content, you will need to attract specialists whose time is expensive. Good designers, optimizers, and content makers are not cheap, either. So those who are just planning to promote in search engines for 2022 need to come to terms with the fact that they won’t be able to get by with minimal investment. Gone are the days when to get to the top of the search results, it was enough to write a slightly coherent text and add keywords to it.

Search engines learn to look at sites through the eyes of users.

Technology is advancing faster than many can imagine. Search engine promotion specialists know that the occurrence of keywords in the texts on the pages has long been not the most significant factor by which the search robot determines its relevance to the user’s request.

In 2022, the ranking of the issue will be handled by a neural network – a complex program that can make decisions based on multiple factors simultaneously. As a result, we can say that Google now knows how to see sites the way users see them.

So, hung with pop-up messages, heavy graphics, and confusing sites will soon completely leave the search results.

Companies wishing to stay in it will have to invest in developing a site. To modern standards or forget about SEO as a source of customers.

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What sites will be relevant in the early

The beginning of the 2020s did not bring any global innovations in consuming content on the Internet. But what was relevant for web development ten years ago does not work anymore.

In 2022, sites that will bring clients and profit to companies will definitely:

  • Adaptive and adaptability will affect not only the adaptation of the interface to different screen sizes. But also support for the voice interface, voice acting for the visually impaired and the emergence of other similar options.
  • Safe both from a programmatic point of view and from the point of view of the content being placed. Dubious content will pull any site to the bottom of the search results, even the fastest and most stylishly designed.
  • Convenient because when ranking, search engines now take into account, among other things, user experience. When a person enters and immediately leaves the page. This obviously will not go to plus the reputation of the resource.
  • Attractive because users spoiled by an abundance of sites and applications no longer want to wade through. The thorns of intricate interfaces and buttons and forms arranged in an unobvious order;
  • Fast loading speed affects everything – from the place in the issuance of Google. To the number of leads that came from the page.

As you can see, when you come to the agency and are promptly offered to remake an outdated site. You should not take it with hostility. Most likely, the specialist sees that with what you developed a few years ago, in 2022. You will not be able to become the leader of your niche. The Internet or at least win a sufficient market share.

We at Business Site always explain to the client the need for any site improvements, changes, integrations and implementations.

You can contact us for a free consultation. As a result, we will prepare a personal, commercial proposal for turning your site. Into an effective sales channel or developing one from scratch.

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