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Ways To Make Your Website Protected From Online Hackers

The worst fear of a website owner is online hackers. The owners always want to safeguard the website from malicious attacks. The most frequently asked question is how to protect websites from online hackers. The website contains valuable information such as client details, credit card numbers and other necessary details. So it is necessary to keep it protected from cyber criminals.

The concept of online businesses and e-commerce stores increases rapidly with each passing year. Almost 70% of the businesses have already been shifted online. Especially the idea of e-commerce stores such as Etsy has gained incredible popularity. So redeem Etsy coupon code Australia and enter the world of discounted shopping.

Whether your online store is designed from scratch or you have got from the renowned CMS platform such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla etc. The one thing that all have to ensure is to build up security that is impossible to breach.

We understand that you have made great efforts to establish a brand in the online business. You surely don’t want to ruin it all. Go through the helpful guide to setting up non-infringement security. These following tips will help you to protect your website from online hackers.

Keep software up to date

The key to creating unbreakable security is to keep all the softwares up to the minute. Unfortunately, this useful tip is often overlooked. But once this practice is closely monitored, it will be insurmountable for online hackers to steal information.

The technique is applied to both the operating system and CMS or forum. By keeping the software and drivers up to date, you are not just narrowing down security loopholes but combating viruses and weaknesses. The most obvious reason that most websites get hacked or exploited because of the security holes is found in software.

The major advantage of hosting companies is that they will do all the updating of plugins. But if you are using third-party software on your websites, such as a CMS or forum, you should be aware of doing any update to protect the website.

Password Protection- Innovative Approaches for Stronger Security - Risk Group

Create secure passwords

We understand how bewilderment is it for you to remember the password of your different social media profiles, Gmail accounts, and credit card pin. You probably have kept the same password for different platforms. But when it comes to setting a password for a website, you must do better. Dictionary words are easy to guess, and it feels like inviting online hackers to steal your information. Also, passwords such as “12345678”, “qwerty”, “123123123” are easy to guess.

You have to come up with a stronger and unique password that is impossible to figure out. Using a password of your favourite singer, actor, pet name, and favourite place is the best recommended. People with great memory can also set an unusual password, combining different words, numbers and special characters like @ and $.

WP 2FA - Two-factor authentication (2FA) plugin for WordPress websites
Implement 2FA

The concept of Two-factor authentication (2FA) is rarely found. But with increased risk of cyber attacks is gaining popularity gradually. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is additional security. Whenever the person tries to gain access, the system will ask for another password to log in successfully. There are two types of (2FA), like TOTP (time-based one-time password) or HOTP (HMAC-based one-time password). And based on your choice and preference, you can select anyone.

Secure communication

You must look for the green lock image and HTTPS in your browser whenever you provide the website with sensitive information like personal details and credit card pins. The signal indicates that it is very secure to provide any detail to the webpage.

To maintain a secure and protected connection between web servers and browsers, it is important to enabling SSL encryptions. A website without SSL encryptions is always at a high risk of being attacked by cyber criminals. Also, without a secure connection, the usernames and passwords are at the risk of being stolen by these online hackers.

By enabling Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, the information will be converted to code that the online hackers will not understand. In this way, you can maintain overall secured communication.

Hide Admin Directories

Online hackers mostly look for the quickest and safest way to steal information. And the fastest route hackers find is the “Admin” folders in your website script. So the online hacker’s first priority is always the Admin directories. If they find it, all your information will be stolen in no time. To protect the useful information on the site, you can do it by retiling your Admin directories. You can also exclude the directory from search engines and disable directory listings.

Download a secure firewall

Online hacker who is an expert in his work will never directly hack into a website. Because there is always a chance to get caught. However, professional cyber criminals create a bot that spies out the website’s information at high risk of hacking.

By installing the firewall, you will detect the unknown malicious request that sniffs out information from the website. First, the request made to your website undergoes through the firewall. Then, if the request is authentic, it will be processed. And if the request is malicious or identified suspicions, it will be blocked instantly.

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Get website security tools

After you have performed all the security tips above. And if you are still wondering if the website is secure from getting hacked or not. Then, you can carry out website security testing. Several free and paid online tools can help you out. Also, website security tools are commonly known as penetration testing or pen-testing.

Below we have mentioned some of the commonly used website security tools.

  • Powershell
  • SimplyEmailHashcat
  • Netsparker
  • Wireshark
  • Aircrack-ng
  • Fuzzdb

If your website is not fully secured, the final results that these tools will show can be challenging to read. The best you can do is to sort out the major issues first.

Keep a website backup

Cyber criminals nowadays are quick-witted. They will discover a way to hack into your website and steal all your information. In a catastrophic situation, you have lost all your data; you can only get it back by keeping a website backup. Keeping a recent backup will have all the vanished information back.


Website is the most important part of your business. So you must keep it secured from cyber criminals and hackers. The misuse of the information can get you and your business in hot water. So the better idea is to invest as much as you can in making a protected and secured experience. If you have any specific tool or software in mind that can help to protect your website then check it out at Revounts. The site provides multiple coupons and discount deals for hundreds of brands so you might get your product at less prices.


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