Try These Block Games Online if You Love Block Puzzle

Brain training and having fun are not mutually exclusive. For both children and adults, block games are always a fascinating way to solve problems. Block Games can be a great stress reliever and help to rotate your mental gears. Many variations have been developed over the years, with Block Puzzle being the most popular. We now have digital versions of these block games, thanks to the advent of mobile phones. If you like Block Puzzle, read on for our hand-picked recommendations for online block games.

Block Puzzle Games to Play Online

1. MPL Bloxmash

This block puzzle game, curated by MPL is a must-try. Bloxmash’s main goal is to fill in the gaps and to clear the lines so you can score points. To score points, you must cross multiple lines. If your stack of blocks is at the top, the game will be over. To money earning games more bonus points, swipe down and tap on the screen. To cycle the blox, tap on the screen. To move the Blox, tap and slide left or right.

2. Block Champ

Block Champ adds a few new twists to the classic Block Puzzle. It has lighting bolts and ice cubes in addition to the blocks. To fill the lines, you simply need to place the blocks on the grid of 10×10. The lines will automatically be cleared if the blocks match. Lightning bolts are multipliers. Before removing lines, ice cubes must melt. Arkadium created this game to challenge your brain to come up with new moves and get rid of the lines. This game is a must-try.

3. Jewel Block:

This block puzzle requires you to drag and move the blocks horizontally and vertically. You cannot rotate the blocks. There is no time limit. Jewel Block Classic is great for brainstorming, even though there are a few tweaks.

4. Wood Block Puzzle:

This is a challenging puzzle game. To clear the line, you must move the wooden block vertically or horizontally. This game can be played anywhere, anytime. You can use it with simple controls, and there are no time limits. Get the Wood Block puzzle game for Android now!

5. Tetris:

Tetris was one of the original Block Puzzle games. It was launched in 1984 and has been made mobile. You must complete lines using ‘tetrominoes,’ which are different-shaped pieces that are placed on the playing fields. When you match the lines, the blocks disappear and the player earns points. The next step is to fill in the empty spaces with new blocks. When there are no more empty spaces, the game is over. You’ll earn more points the longer you keep emptying the spaces. Tetris has a multiplayer version where you can challenge your opponents and impose a penalty. You can defeat them by staying longer in the game.

Play this game on Android and iOS and have fun with Tetris Together with your friends. You can play Tetris Royale with 99 other players.

6. Folding blocks:

This is a block game that stands out among the rest. To fill the spaces and complete the challenges, you will need to correctly unfold the blocks. You can get Folding blocks free of charge.

7. Magic Cube Puzzle 3D

As a child, you must have played Rubik’s Cube. It now has a mobile version! Each cube must be returned to its original phase. There are many sizes of puzzles, ranging from 2x2x2 to 20x20x20. The Cube Puzzle has 3D animations and cube rotation on all axes. It is a joy to play.

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