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Top Four Types of Video Animation Used by Brands

What is video animation? It is the speedy show of images in sequence done to generate an illusion of moving objects. Creators & animators evolved the field over the years to such a level that individuals of every group hail it. Given that humans are automatically attracted to striking visuals, animation play with the human visual mechanism. It appears dreamlike to them and captures attention.

1. Stop Motion Animation

Although time-consuming and expensive, Stop Motion Animation is also the choice of many. It is most reliable for entities who are able to find ways to incorporate their product into Animation. One highly valued reason for individuals to choose Stop Motion Animation is its high viral potential. One good thing is it can also be unified with 3D or 2D Animation art. Many people ask Anideos experts the less use of Stop Motion Animation. In addition to time consumption, minor errors can result in full scenes necessitating a reshot. But even after few drawbacks, if this Animation is integrated well, it is bound to bring the best results.

2. 2D Video Animation

Animator John Lasseter said: “Computers don’t create computer animation any more than a pencil creates pencil animation. What creates computer animation is the artist.” 2D was introduced to the public in the year 1908 & is still one of the preferred animation styles among the masses. 2D video Animation is utilized to produce flat, two-dimensional environments & characters. It is affordable compared to 3D art, which is why more individuals can take advantage of this type for various purposes. Animation artists use it for applications including cartoons, marketing, advertising, and promotional videos. In the past traditional animation was created in a meticulous manner & time-consuming. Now, animators use advanced tools & techniques to do it.

3. 3D Video Animation

It involves resource-heavy hardware & software, and tools which is why 3D Animation is deemed less affordable. Now coming to how 3D video Animation art is different from other kinds of Animations. It is a graphic technique that uses motion to bring objects, props, characters to life. Nonetheless, this Animation is primarily used for film, TV shows, video game productions. Although, now more industries are exploring it further, and 3D video Animation usage & fame is increasing day by day. The best part of this Animation is that it adds depth to the Animation, thus forming a dynamic animated environment. 3D Animation art enables marketing to design realistic setups.

4. Motion Graphics

They are animated digital graphics that generate the illusion of motion for viewers, however with text as a significant element. In Motion Graphics, animators comprehend the acting & body mechanics for the creation of Animation. It can be 2D or 3D and chiefly done to animate the logos, video clips, text, etc. Plus, motion Graphic designers do not necessarily follow a specific storyline or main characters. Although, they highly regard the composition and practice the key principles of 2D and 3D animations. It is a brilliant method to communicate a message to the spectator and add detail to the narrative. Animators use Motion Graphics to make movie sequencing, advertisements, informative, shareable videos, and more.

video animation production is imagination, and it is up to aspiring and professional creators to choose a platform according to their choice. Every type has its own advantages or disadvantages & can prove to be useful for video animation artists.

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