Top 5 Benefits of Using An Online Examination System

Education isn’t limited to the four walls of the classroom. So are the exams. It went far with the help of advanced technology of the online examination system. 

These days educational institutions are using the school management system to improve their school work like “student’s online enrollment, admissions, online fees payment, etc”. 

In this blog, we will share with you the benefits of having a top online examination system. But before moving further let’s first know what is an online examination system?

What Is An Online Examination System?

The online examination software is the best part of school software. A prominent way for taking tests is with the help of this software via the internet. You just need a desktop, laptop, or a smartphone to give online exams that you can give from anywhere. Even from the relaxation of your home.

There are two ways to do this: at a testing facility or at home. In a remote learning system, candidates can take an exam from their own devices while sitting in their own homes. They don’t have to spend any of their precious time getting to and from the center, which is a huge convenience.

Schools, universities, and other institutions don’t have to spend money on exam centers, invigilators, and security to conduct exams this way. Because now they can do that by using only a webcam and a microphone.

Benefits Of Online Examination System 

1. Cost-Effective

Administrators who want to decrease the expenditures are likely to favor using the School Management Software for online exams. Because When the exam is taken online then there will be a reduced cost quotient. Printing of paper, cost of photocopying, and other miscellaneous expenses related to the exam will be removed.

Eliminating all these will save costs for your school. Even the removal of papers in exams at a large scale will also work as an initiative towards the green environment.

2. Security Of Paper

The online examination software gives high security and flexibility to the hectic examination procedure. When all questions are being uploaded into the system, the school software shuffles all the questions in different orders so that students don’t get the same question in the sequence. It eliminates the chance of cheating.

On the other hand, this isn’t possible in the offline exams to print different question papers for every student to remove the cheating factor. As it will increase the cost for students. However many times we have seen the paper also gets leaked while printing. But in the digital exams, there is no chance of paper getting leaked. So it is safe

3. Quick Result

The offline exam has its way of checking and declaring the result. There will be no human error of incorrect checking of the answer sheet and also it will take less time than the traditional exam

The online system for exams like school ERP software takes less time to declare the result with more accuracy. You’ll be able to save time and that with accuracy than human beings. It will make no discrimination against any student. The student will get marks that they deserve according to what they have written. 

4. Remote Supervision

You don’t have any requirement of an examination center for taking exams. The online examination software helps to conduct exams anywhere. For the inspection part of the students who are giving exams, it can be done by web camera and microphone. 

A remote exam allows hundreds of thousands of students to take the test without having to pay for travel or lodging. Additionally, this solves the issue of scheduling exams across multiple exam centers, hiring invigilators, securing these centers, and so forth.

5. Result Ranking

The ranking of the students in online exams is easier in comparison to the traditional exams. best school management system provides an in-depth analysis of each student. Moreover, you can see the result in the school mobile app.

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