Tips To Customize Your Own Label On Illustrator

Most times, the quality of the product label is not enough to sell that product. For this, your label must have some type of attraction that can make your product stand out from others. In simple words, you can say that the products label can be its own kind of advertising.

Actually, your label is the thing that speaks about your business, your product, and the high quality of both.  So in this way, it is essential to choose the right tool and method to design your label. In addition, if you have a small business and don’t have the budget for a designer, you need to save money. Then consider buying labels from Mabel’s Labels. They offer great labels at very reasonable prices. If you think that prices are high, consider using mabels labels coupon code.

Furthermore, you can also design and order your own label using adobe illustrator. But here, the question arises that how can you do that? Don’t worry because here I will tell you some tips to customize your own label on illustrator.

Choose the right tool

It may be easy to use Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop to design your label. Still, they are considered poor choices, especially for these tasks. This is because Microsoft Word presents artwork in a way that is not suitable for printing high quality labels. Furthermore, this tool automatically converts your image to RGB, which is not supported by commercial label presses. Therefore, it is better to create your label in CMYK and to do that, adobe illustrator will be a top choice for you.

Measure your container to get the correct label size

It does not matter that to what type of container or packaging you are applying labels. It is crucial to figure out the correct size of your custom labels before you start the design process. If you fail to do this, it results in improper fitting labels that look embarrassingly incorrect when applying to the packaging. So it is recommended to figure out the size of the container before designing your label.

Choose CMYK don’t RGB

Most labels are printed using four colour process known as CMYK. It is actually known as cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These four colours are combined in different ways to create various colours. The adobe illustrator is set to RGB colour mode by default because these tools are primarily designed to create labels and banners.

Add bleed area to your label

Actually, bleed occurs when your label artwork bleeds slightly beyond the intended dimension of the finished label. You must do this to ensure no visible white borders are present when the printing process is complete, and the label is die-cut along the trim line.

Use high quality images

Image quality is a crucial point when it comes to designing a label. Even you can say that it is the critical area where labels can quickly go from high quality to low quality. To understand this deeply take a small example. For example, you are designing a label. Your logo is excellent, the colour scheme striking, and the tagline persuasive; however, if the images you are using are of low quality. Then your product automatically gets downgraded by the customers in seconds. So for this, I recommend you use a minimum of 3000DPI and use vector images where possible instead of images sourced from the internet because these types of images don’t print well.

Ending Words

These are some tips to customize your own label on illustrator. Using these tips, you can easily customize your own label on illustrator. These tips help you create something functional, practical, and beautiful. So read the full guide, follow these tips, design your own label, and make your product standout among others.


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