The Truth About Canine Jealousy

Just like humans, dogs experience emotions and feelings. They can get jealous just like people do. It is important to note that jealousy isn’t always a bad thing. A dog may be jealous, but they don’t necessarily feel angry or upset by this new presence in their home. The scientific term for this is “Canine jealousy” and it is a real thing. Read to learn more about canine jealousy.

What is canine jealousy?

Canine jealousy is a very common and natural feeling of anger and resentment when a pet’s owner pays attention to someone else. It is an instinctual response that can be observed in many other animals. However, it is not just a simple case of being “insecure.” When dogs feel that their master or owner prefers another pet, it brings about feelings of shame, abandonment, and rejection. These emotions cause the dog to lash out at the person it feels has betrayed them.

Symptoms of canine jealousy include:

  • Barking, growling, lunging, pushing against the door to the room you are in with the other dog
  • Jumping on you and trying to pull you away from the other dog
  • Showing signs of anxiety (whining, pacing, panting)
  • Hiding
  • Destructive behavior
  • Lack of attention/interest in usual activities

What can I do to prevent my dog from becoming jealous?

Canine Jealousy

It is important to realize that your dogs will always be aware of each other. If you have a high energy dog, it will be aware of a more laid back dog and vice versa. It is important to be aware of how your dogs interact with each other and how they react to each other.

If you have a high energy dog, it is important to get your dog enough exercise so that he/she does not become bored and act out. If you have a laid back dog, try to make sure that your high energy dog gets his/her exercise elsewhere (i.e., doggie daycare, doggie play dates, walks). Sometimes a good grooming can ease their anxiety.

What causes canine jealousy?

Canine Jealousy

It’s a common misconception that canine jealousy is caused by the dog not getting enough attention.
Jealousy in dogs is often the result of two or more people giving them attention at the same time, or when they give attention and then are suddenly ignored. Dogs can also be jealous when they see their owners spending time with another pet.

Dogs may become jealous if their owners show affection to others, such as their children. Jealousy in a dog can also be caused if their owner spends more time with one sibling than the other.

How to Handle a Jealous Dog

Dogs can become jealous of people, other dogs, or other pets. It’s important to understand why your dog is feeling this way and what you can do about it. You should try to determine if the jealousy is coming from another pet in the house or if it’s from a person in your family.

You’ve learned about canine jealousy more than you probably ever wanted to know, but consider it your duty to help others in your community who may be dealing with this issue. The next time someone asks if their dog is jealous, you will have all the information you need to provide them with an educated answer.

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