The Perfect Equipment Checklist for Your Commercial Restaurant Kitchen

Kitchen Equipment: A Great Help

Imagine cooking in your kitchen a new delicious dish, the recipe of which you recently watched on Youtube with great enthusiasm. You need to chop some tomatoes now and therefore you bring a knife, but it is not sharp enough to slice through the skin! Sounds frustrating right? Now that is the befitting reason why you need good equipment in your kitchen in the first place.
Orderliness plays a very important role in commercial restaurant kitchens. Without order and discipline it is next to impossible to meet the daily targets. Equipment takes care of the cleanliness and orderliness of your restaurant.
Finding good equipment is easy, yet tricky in this tech-savvy world because most restaurants prefer electronic products which make their dishes perfect. Let us go through this article to know more about equipment.

Advantages of using the best kitchen equipments

Be a professional food handler: The chefs who work very professionally love when their food is ready within a minute. Equipment like choppers, cutters and knives ensure less time is consumed and a delicacy is ready.
Decor your kitchen: Modern kitchen kits add a very professional look to your kitchen.
Explore every kind of work: The right equipment helps you gain experience on a topic you don’t know. You can read the simple instructions attached with the equipment and learn how to master it.

  1. Best Equipment Ideas

Refurbish your business with new gadgets of various styles and build up. It is important to note that different restaurants need different kinds of tools based on their needs. It is essential that you understand your kitchen first, before choosing the right equipment. These are the major kinds of equipment every kitchen needs:
Cooking equipments: These include –
Oven: Used for baking, roasting and much more.
Fryer: Remember your customer’s favourite items like french fries.
Broiler: toasting bread or melting cheese is super fun now.
Microwave: heat up sauces.
2. Refrigeration and storage: Without these, your food will go stale. Food waste management is an effective step for any restaurant owner so a good refrigeration and storage system is a must. Equipment like an ice machine and freezer are perfect for your blended cocktails. Storage equipment like shelves and storage containers are multipurpose tools to hold your items and ingredients.
3. Food preparation equipment: When it comes to food preparation, we all love equipment that makes this task easy. These include mixers and blenders. They are very useful for pizzas and bakeries.
4. Smallwares: These are the simple tools that fasten up the whole cooking process. These may look simple but their usage is very beneficial. The right equipment makes the cooking experience better. These include:
Knives: Choose sharp knives of different shapes, meant for different purposes.
Mixing bowls: Get multiple sizes for different applications.
Pans: Saute your vegetables like a pro.
Spoons: Serve foods, remove ingredients and much more.
5. Janitorial equipment: Cleanliness is the key of any industry. Hygiene plays an important role in your business because foods are a source of nutrition and can carry germs to poison the whole body system as well. Cleaning supplies should be very maintained, to make sure there is no growth of any germ. Perfect choices include:
Sanitizers: In this pandemic situation, sanitization is a must. Keep your products safe.
Trash cans: Do not litter garbage here and there as this spreads disease. Keep bins wherever necessary.
Brooms and dustpans: Sweep up anything that is dropped on the floor. Clean up messes wherever you feel like. Dust can be a source of germs.


There can be additional products your business needs, so make sure you take care of that. Regardless of what is on your list, Favouritetable is always there to help to find the right fit. So stay tuned to know more about online restaurant ordering system

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