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The cartoon inspired full hand mehndi. | Simple Mehndi Design

In every ceremony, adults, and kids females must apply henna Simple Mehndi Design on their hands and feet. On the internet, there are lots of henna designs available. But the thing is that most of them are for adults. The cartoon-inspired full-hand mehndi designs are for only kids. Because kids are innocent, and they need to easily and their favorite designs.

In the wedding event, kids think they are in any playground. They come and jump here and there and sometimes irritate the mehndi artist. When they see adult females they are decking their hands and legs with mehndi. They also want to draw a henna design on their skin. At that time, it was difficult for an artist to design the same mehndi designs for them. The main problem is that the kids’ hands and feet are too small. And the henna art is large. Therefore we bring you lots of cartoon-inspired full hand mehndi designs for you. It will take less
time, and also, the kids will enjoy these mehndi designs.

Here some adorable cartoon mehndi design for kids:

Cat mehndi design

Cat henna art is very beautiful for kids. Every kid loves cartoon designs, but their choice is different. For cat lovers, this design is perfect for them. This easy and elegant sketch seems attractive for kids. As an artist, you can also add some other simple designs with this design to make it more stunning.

Butterfly mehndi design

Almost every kid is like a butterfly in their life. This character shows peace and freedom. As we know, butterflies can go anywhere freely. Make a big butterfly set on a half flower. Furthermore, you can also draw half-butterfly on one and the other half side on the other hand. At the sides, make pretty small stars because it looks majestic.

Peacock mehndi design

A peacock is an amazing creature in this world. Especially kids love peacocks, and that why they want to draw the picture on their hands. Draw a full peacock design with its beautiful pattern and dotes. Apply this adorable henna art for a wedding ceremony. It is very easy to deck and has a traditional henna design.

Dinosaur mehndi design

An animal lover girl likes dinosaur mehndi design. This innocent cartoon henna sketch makes their hand more stunning. The dinosaur design grabbed kids attention quickly. So, try to apply this amazing art to your kid.

Bee with flower mehndi design

When you show this image to your girl, they will pick this design. Additionally, kids love to see and play with cartoons. So, this is their learning milestone, where they interact with different things. As a result, they learn a lot of things from them.

For this purpose, make a beautiful bee with flowers on its hands. So, they not only enjoy but also learn from the bee design. Making flowers with the bee also gives happiness and good vibes for kids.

Heart mehndi design

The heart is a sign of love and happiness. Most girls wish to draw a heart design on their little hands. It grabbed everyone attention towards the mehndi design. Kids like to show their henna to their special friends.
So, therefore this design is fit for them. As a mehndi designer, first, draw a big heart and cover the surrounding with little heart designs. On the kid top, fingers make a little heart to increase the beauty. At different festivals, kids can apply this amazing heart henna design.

Tree mehndi design

For kids hands, tree mehndi design is extremely easy to draw. You can start to make roots with a small circle design from the arm. In the middle, make their trunk and the hand art branches of the tree. Draw some heart designs on the center of different parts. Locate leaves around the branches and leave the fingers free of mehndi. Utilize nail polish to fill the elegance of the design.


The cartoon-inspired mehndi arts are famous for kids. Kids enjoy watching cartoons on TV, so they also want to apply those characters to their original life. So, for that purpose, you can pick up these stunning mehndi designs to fill your child’s desire. For more designs, you can also visit our previous article henna designs.

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