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Because we’ve improved the majority of our lives through technology, it’s difficult to imagine how life was before. With just a few clicks on our smartphone we can call a car, alter the temperature of our room, have food delivered to our home and so on. One area of our workplace that is due to be updated is how we deal with packages arriving at mailroom management.

However, many workplaces have not been able to adapt to the technology we use outside of the workplace. The pandemic has changed our work habits. Many companies were forced to think of new ways to improve their work environment.

 In the event that your receptionist team is still stymied by taking care of incoming deliveries using pen and paper, or a spreadsheet, you’re in luck that new technology solutions can be used to streamline everything.

Factors To Consider for Mailroom Management Software

Are you contemplating making your office’s mailroom get an upgrade? If yes, here are 5 factors you need to consider before you choose the ideal mailroom management software.

  1. The way it can eliminate manual labor

The most effective software for managing mailrooms removes manual labor and reduces time by automatizing the entire incoming delivery process. All they require is a simple scan of the mail label to initiate the process that is automate.

  • Tracking deliveries arrival and pickup information
  • Packages that match employees and matching
  • Notifying them and reminding them to take care of packages

While you look at various options, ensure that your mailroom software reduces the processing time of each delivery , from minutes to a few seconds.

  1. What tools are you looking for?

Another thing to think about is whether you require additional hardware. There’s no reason to purchase an additional piece of equipment that’s difficult to set up and operate.

Like the majority of apps you use for personal use It is possible to manage packages with an application on your smartphone. The most effective software for managing your mailroom has a simple mobile app that makes use of the camera on your phone to scan labels for mailing.

It is also recommended to be able to integrate with other tools that you already have. For instance, if your office uses Microsoft Teams, Slack as well as Microsoft Team, the software will be able to inform the recipient of your package via these channels. Employees shouldn’t need to download another office app.

  1. If the package matches that have recipients

Package is delivered, be aware of how long it takes to keep track of the contact information of an employee. Also send them an email and then follow up until they receive the package. If you only receive a few packages that arrive in one day, this may not be a problem. However, the volume of 10 or more packages per day may result in a lot of large volumes of mail.

For that reason, you’d want a mailroom management software that matches the package with its recipient and sends them notifications-automatically.

Additionally, think about employees who may use various names. A person who has an informal name or nickname in a different language may not have their name appear on the mailer. You’ll want to provide alternative names to the software to make sure that they match.

  1. How does it track packages

To reduce the time spent recording delivery information for packages, search for mailroom software that can log all of them automatically to a dashboard. It is then possible to look at the dashboard and see parcels that’ve been sitting there for some time. So, you’ll be able to take care of them before they begin piling up.

For a greater level of security, you should choose a software that requires an image or a signature at the time of pickup. If somebody is unable to locate their package, you’ll be able to quickly determine if someone has stolen it accidentally.

  1. How easy is it to set up and use?

The most effective software for managing mailrooms can be set up within 30 hours or less. The steps needed to set it up are easy:

  • Download the mobile application.
  • The employee directory is synchronized.
  • Configure reminder and notification settings.
  • Alternate names of employees.
  • Add additional layers of security for pick-up of packages.

The most efficient tools are easy for employees, too. Being informed and knowing how to open the package is not difficult.


The number of employees returning to work every day. This means that it’s the right opportunity to revamp your delivery service at work. Make sure your front desk employees don’t waste time and hassles of handling packages that arrive manually at mailroom management. Let your employees feel secure to accept packages at their office. Allow them to work without worrying about theft of their packages from their homes. Provide your business with a technology-driven upgrade. The pileup of packages that clutter the front desk out of fashion.

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