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Store a rug? 6 things to keep in mind

Sometimes it is necessary to store a rug. For example, because you are moving or when you have bought another rug but want to keep the old one for later. It seems reasonable to put your carpet in the attic or basement. It is tidy, and it is nice and dry there. However?

Unfortunately not.

The attic and basement are some of the worst places for storing a rug. So, where should you store your rug, and what else should you consider if you want to keep your rug somewhere for a while?

1.      The big cleanup

Before you store a rug, it is wise to clean it thoroughly. Preferably with a professional cleaner. If that doesn’t work, you can thoroughly clean your carpet yourself using a cleaning kit. Then place it in a rug storage bag. You can get it from a certified protective packaging company in the UK like Britwrap.

2.      Where should you store your rug?

Find a place in the house where there is room to store a rug. Preferably a site that is not in direct contact with the ground. For example, on a shelf on the wall or on top of the wardrobe.

Why not in the attic or the basement? Because those areas in the house are often the most humid, moisture is the worst enemy of a rolled-up and stored rug. If you roll it out again after a year, you will be surprised by a significant layer of smelly mold. Blegh, just put it on the cupboard then.

3.      Cleaning the storage area

In addition to the rug itself, it is also wise to clean the place where you will store the rug. A lot of dust can collect on top of the wardrobe that can settle in your rug if you don’t remove it. The cleaner the storage area, the better your rug will be stored. So get to cleaning!

4.      Pack it up

To protect your rug from swirling dust and dirt, it’s best to pack the rug in a rug storage bag. Roll up the rug tightly, pile inwards, and wrap the paper tightly around the rug. Now the rug can be placed in the storage area.

5.      The little cleaning

Although you’ve thoroughly cleaned both the rug and the storage area, you won’t be able to stop new dust and dirt. Therefore, it is smart to make the storage area nice, fresh, and clean now and then. It prevents swirling dirt from ending up on your carpet.

6.      No weight; otherwise, no face

When the cleaned, wrapped rug is in its nice and clean storage location, do not place heavy things on top, as this can cause the rug to deform beyond repair.

Therefore, rolling up the rug and putting it in the attic for a while is not such a good idea. Instead, think in advance about where you have room in the house to keep the rug for a while and make sure that the rug and the space are nice and clean. Then, when you roll it out again after a few months, you can enjoy a fine rug again without any crazy smell or damage.

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