Smoke Shops Guide: Hemp Oil V/s CBD Oil & Where to buy in Bulk

Smoke Shops Guide: Hemp Oil V/s CBD Oil & Where to buy in Bulk:

The Terms CBD Oil and Hemp oil are often heard at smoke shops and among smokers in their exclusive gatherings. Therefore, smoke shop representatives need to understand the difference between the two and how to buy these in bulk from the best wholesale smoke shop distributor based in the United States.

Buying CBD and hemp oil in bulk is likely to be a very overwhelming experience at first, mainly because of the confusion of terms. Most of the confusion comes from the need to determine the difference between hemp oil and CBD (cannabidiol).

Is there any difference between Hemp and CBD oil? Both come from the same plant, right? As you`re about to learn, though, there is an extremely important distinction between cannabidiol and hemp oil. Ordering one and receiving the other, results in great disappointment.

In this article, we will explore the difference between hemp oil vs. CBD oil? Let’s explore!.

What is CBD oil? How is it made?


Let’s start by explaining what CBD oil is and how it is made. As you may know, Hemp plants are a strong source of plant-based cannabinoids. Cannabinoids interact with a system in the body called the endogenous cannabinoid system. This endogenous cannabinoid is also produced by the Human body.

Studies suggest that the endogenous cannabinoid system is involved in appetite, mood, memory, pain susceptibility, and childbirth. Research is underway on how external cannabinoids, such as those found in CBD oil, interact with these processes.

The most powerful source of hemp cannabinoids is the flower buds of female plants. In particular, industrial cannabis has a high CBD content and contains almost no intoxicating THC.  To make CBD oil, hemp processors collect the sprouts of industrial hemp plants and expose the material to an extraction process that releases the essential oils of the sprouts.

The extraction process usually involves crushing the sprouts and forcing pressurized carbon dioxide through them. The result is a dark, dark, full-spectrum extract that is not yet ready for consumption.

Hemp processors filter and refine the extract before combining it with food-grade carrier oils such as MCT oil.  People take CBD oil along with other added or naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes for the benefit of CBD.

The reasons people take CBD vary greatly, but the important thing is that no one takes CBD because of the nutritional benefits of carrier oils. Hemp oil is another carrier that can be used with CBD oil-this is another reason for the confusion between hemp oil and CBD. So what is hemp oil?

What is hemp oil? How is it made?

Hemp Oil

It is more accurate to call hemp oil “hemp seed oil” since it is extracted from the Hemp seed. Cannabis seeds are rich in oil and can be squeezed to extract this oil for cooking. Just like olives, you can make extra virgin oil from hemp seeds just by cold pressing. In the second press, the solvent can be used to extract more oil. Hemp oil can also be refined to improve its ability to withstand higher cooking temperatures.

The hemp seed oil has many culinary uses and health benefits. Some people enjoy the nutty taste of the extra-virgin oil and will use it to add flavor and body to salad dressings. Hemp milk which is a popular alternative to dairy milk also originates from Hemp seeds.

Since it contains Omega fatty acids in more ratio than some other edible oils, it is also used by some people in their foods.  People don`t use hemp oil, however, for its cannabinoids.

Hemp seed oil producers employ every tactic to ensure there are no residual cannabinoids in their products.

The seeds themselves are free of cannabinoids and should be carefully washed before squeezing to ensure they are not contaminated with drifting plant material. In addition, cannabis seed production occurs after female plants are pollinated by male plants. After pollination, the cannabinoid content of female plants drops to almost zero. In short, hemp seed oil does not contain detectable CBD or other cannabinoids.


As you now know the difference and similarities between Hemp seed Oil and CBD Oil, you also understand why people mostly get confused between the two.

Smoke Shop owners can now effectively guide their valuable customers about the difference. They can now make an informed decision while ordering hemp seed oil, CBD oil as well as cannabinoid-rich hemp tinctures from the smoke shop wholesale supplier, who can offer them a great variety of products with good profits.


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