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Review Mining: The Secret to Sticky Messaging

Delivering good content is not an easy job. Even when you are aware of adequate info of your brand and its TGI, converting that info into a copy which blooms is a challenging job. This is where review mining can help.

Therefore, you should simply stop doing so.

The way to compose effective content isn’t about placing yourself in a work area imagining new, captivating ways of discussing this item or that help. A long way from it. All things being equal duplicate that converts come from publicists who understand the methodology of using words and messages directly from possibilities and their clients.


That is the place where audit mining becomes possibly the most important factor. What’s more, we’re here to train you on how to swipe your method for duplicating that strikes a chord.

That Giant Idea

Your clients are aware of the fact that: surveys & reviews matter. These being useful assets, frequently have the effect among acquiring and letting go of a client – a new report by PowerReviews viewed that as 94% of shoppers presently say that client evaluation and audits top the rundown of variables that sway their internet-based buy choices.

Surveys, in any case, are something other than methods of affecting purchasing choices. They’re an immensely significant asset that marketing specialists tap into looking for data they can transform into convincing copy and the upper hand.

 “The key to great copy is to shift your mindset.”

Furthermore, even though you have universal knowledge of your brand, you are not a part of your TGI. This implies that even though you think you have the perfect draft to persuade likely clients to buy what you’re putting up on sale; audit mining offers a superior method for sorting out what your possibilities need to learn.

The way to extraordinary duplicate is to move your outlook. In this way, disregard what it is you need to say, for sure you think the selling points of your item or administration is. Try not to fall into the snare of reasoning you know what your clients need to learn.

Mine their audits all things being equal. Sort out what they truly think, what makes a difference to them, tap into their trouble spots, and proposition a method for tackling them. If you are doing that then you will be communicating in their language through content that proselytes.

Diving In

Of course, all this seems fantastic — the option is apparent between both the pain of writing and just plucking the words straight out of your customers’ (or potential customers’) mouths. What may be less evident is the ‘how,’ which itself is straightforward once broken down into four basic steps:

  1. Make a list of terms that best represent your target audience’s issue, major pain point, and so forth.
  2. Determine whether your item (or your rivals’) addresses those issues.
  3. Using such terms, research and browse via web evaluations that concentrate on any of those answers, rather than scrolling over what others have to say.
  4. Use those remarks to write text for your website (whether duplicating them verbatim or changing them somewhat).

Getting the Best Stuff

When it comes to mining reviews, there are no hard and fast guidelines to follow. To get the data they require, several organizations hire for-pay mining review programs like MobileAction and Appbot. However, many people don’t have the funds to hire a copywriter but need to use the force of evaluations to create high-converting content.

It doesn’t seem to be a time-consuming process & there are simple ways for marketers to navigate the sands of customer evaluations in search of content that buys.

How? There are a few options, one of which is to check at your rivals’ evaluations, especially if you don’t get any of your own. Specific product or solution, Amazon, and app market evaluations are gold mines of knowledge, with hundreds of reviews to go through for fantastic content. Examine good feedback to see what’s working for the competitors.

Another option is to find where your prospects congregate. Is there a lot of debate on social media regarding comparable issues and problems? You should go there. Examine their Twitter comments, look at their Instagram stories, and see what they’re saying on Facebook. Service-oriented businesses may receive the material they need from evaluation sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor.

What precisely are you looking for? This will require some exercise; however, as you move between your multiple origins, you will begin to notice aspects that stand out. Those would be the kinds of inquiries, complaints, and compliments you’ll hear time and over.

Those would be the ideas you’ll want to concentrate on since they’ll resonate with your buyers the most. Gather these nuggets in a worksheet to keep things organized, and you’ll simply acquire a file full of intriguing messaging for your website content in no time.

Bringing Everything Together

You’ve reviewed 1000s of evaluations and compiled an Excel file with possible messages. So, what’s next?

It is indeed time to fit the jigsaw pieces altogether, so there’s no better method to do that than with a tried-and-true technique that content writers have used for as long as content writers have existed.

This method, known as Issue, Instigate, Solve (PAS), is a dependable technique to organize the findings of your data analysis. It decomposes what may appear to be a delicate procedure with a lot of data into simple bits, allowing you to take all the information you’ve gleaned through evaluations and convert it into high-converting content which will connect.

Before you started mining reviews, you should have recognized the issue. The issue is a mirror of your prospects’ pain areas, which appear often in service or product evaluations.

Stir up is all about depicting the frustrations, problems, and regrets that this situation causes. It supports the prospects’ feelings by reflecting their own experiences and emotions. What perfect way for your customers to see themselves on your website than for them all to write it themselves?

As you might expect, Fix is the service or product that will address the problem & put a stop to the suffering. Here is where you present a remedy that will improve the lives of your possibilities. Customers are adept at spotting answers that appear to be too good to be true, but because you’re utilizing terminology that they use, your content would appear across as genuine and much more likely to persuade.

Swipe it instead of writing it

The weapon that brands may employ to stay ahead of the competition is review mining. “Good authors borrow, great writers, steal,” as T.S. Eliot famously observed, and that concept still holds today.

There’s no better way to generate memorably, high-converting messaging for a website than to take the words directly from your target consumers’ mouths. When you shouldn’t have to, why start writing?

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Aditya Kathotia

Aditya is the Founder and CEO of Nico Digital and Digital Polo. He has attained the pinnacle of brand design expertise by delivering true value to brands and marketers. After pursuing his higher education in Business Analysis from Manchester Business School, he has helped both Nico Digital and Digital Polo unlock its true branding potential globally. You can reach out to him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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