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Reduce Arm Fat in 7 days — Slims fast

This is a problem that anyone could run into. We may like a new dress, but we can’t wear it because our arms are too big. So, with these exercises, you can lose arm fat in just seven days. Our arm fat makes us appear larger than we really are. So, put forth some effort to do away with it. Let’s get our arms in shape quickly with some simple exercises. Try to do each of these exercises at least 20 times. Overnight fat loss is not an option. In order to get rid of arm fat in 7 days, you must do this consistently and effectively. For a minimum of seven days, do not skip any of these exercises. To get rid of sagging arms, do this exercise on a regular basis. Do this at least twice daily for best results.

Exercise to reduce arm fat in 7 days

1.Criss cross

As a cardio workout, it warms up your muscles and gets your heart pumping. As a result, your heart rate will rise. This exercise’s instructions: Stride forward with your shoulders squared and your hands shoulder-height. After that, move your hands so that they are overlapping one another. As you take your first step, make sure your left hand is directly in front of your right hand. Similarly, in the second step, your right hand should be positioned so that it is overlapping your left hand. Do this exercise at least 20 times each time through. After a 15-second rest period, begin the second set.

There are two ways to do this:

This exercise makes your whole arm for workout. Steps to do this exercise: Stand straight with your legs apart. Move your hands up into the air and then move down. Slowly do this exercise and then speed up. Don’t speed much and do this for 30 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds and do again for 30 seconds.

3.Wall Push-ups

You will need a wall for this exercise. These push-ups are slightly different from the standard push-up variation. This exercise’s instructions: Stand in front of the wall. Raise your arms straight up against the wall after going backwards two steps in position. Pull your entire weight against the wall. Move back to your starting position after a few minutes. Do this 20 times. After 20 repetitions, take a 10-second break and repeat the exercise.

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4.Hand Circles

The fat layer on the hands can be reduced by doing this exercise. This exercise’s instructions: Make sure your legs are a little bit apart by bending your knees. Your arms should then be held at shoulder height. Clockwise and anticlockwise circles can be made with your hands. Make a total of 20 repetitions of this set. That works out to a total of 20 in each direction.


The fat layer on the hands is reduced by this exercise. Additionally, it aids in the overall health and fitness of our body. This exercise’s instructions: On your yoga mat, take a deep breath and relax. Then, with bent elbows and a push of your entire body, raise yourself up. Hold this position for 15 seconds. After that, take a 10-second break. Five times is the magic number.

6.Overhead Bends

It’s a win-win situation. Strengthening your shoulder is the first step. The next step is to contract the muscles on your side. This exercise’s instructions: Step one is to get your feet apart and stand straight up. Reach out and touch your leg with your hands. Don’t bend both knees at the same time. You can stretch your hands with a towel. Perform this task 20 times, followed by a 10-second break. Once more, repeat this procedure for 20 repetitions.

7.Chair Dips

Both your hands and your legs will benefit from performing this exercise. This exercise’s instructions: To begin, you’ll need a chair for this activity. Take a step away from the chair after that. Sit ups with your hands held on the chair’s end. Do this for ten times at a few different heights. Take some chair push-ups.


So, these are some of the best arm fat reducing exercises. You can easily follow these exercises and reduce arm fat in just 7 days. I hope that you liked the post and you will try them once.

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