Reasons To Use Board Technology For Advertising That Can Help You Grow Your Business

Begin a new decade by experiencing an immersive, distinctive advertising experience that is growing in recognition. In a world where people are fill with advertisements that are of every kind and using every media available, you can capture and hold your audience’s attention using the high definition Foamex Board screen advertising hoarding printing.

The latest version of digital signage has proven to be an important tool of outdoor and indoor advertising. It’s like the famous displays that were the highlight of the foamex board in London and Times Square in New York hoarding printing.

Foamex Displays for advertising on boards are becoming more popular in cities around the world. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Demand is high, and the advancement of this amazing new technology shows no sign of slowing down.

Learn more about this technology that is growing rapidly which includes Foamex Board’s advertising options and applications, various ways to advertise and the best way to manage your own successful Foamex Board business for advertising.

What Is Foamex Board Advertising?

Foamex board advertising an electronic media for advertising that can display your video or static advertisement featuring illuminant high-definition graphics. The most impressive installations can be constructe using wide range types of images in the digital realm, ranging from static advertisements to streaming media and websites.

Foamex Screen-base Board displays provide an unbeatable degree of control and interaction because the content of advertising can be stream to an advertising device through a cloud-base Content Management technology (CMS) as well as wireless Internet technology, and much more! The only limit for using the Foamex Board display technology is your imagination.

Increase Interactivity Using Augmented Reality And Hoarding Board Advertising

Incorporating and adapting these technologies hoarding printing advertising, we can realise the potential of creating fully interactive advertising experiences that have the potential to change how brands communicate and how they are perceived.

Augmented reality, specifically, arouses an overwhelming reaction from the public by blending interactive digital content with an actual, filmed environment. 

Presently, companies are using augmented reality to enhance the user experience on smartphones.

Augmented real-time mirrors, games and even signage made using Foamex Board screens hold power to change the dull setting and increase your brand’s visibility.

What Are The Major Advantages Of Foamex Advertising On Board Screens?

Utilising Foamex board screen advertising in your marketing campaign will provide you with the following benefits:

Utilising hoarding panel screen advertising as your Out Of Home (OOH) advertising solution, your digital content can be displayed on top-quality outdoors Foamex Board screens and relayed to a much larger public viewers. In time, brands who advertise with this method will be known and trusted to everyday passers-by.

You also don’t have to pay the expenses of having to reprint if you want to modify a specific campaign.

Set Up Of Foamex Advertising Board

The expertise needed to run effective Foamex Screen campaigns with the latest technologies is not available. Therefore seeking out a top Foamex Board advertising manufacturer or business is essential. We are among the leading UK manufacturers of Foamex Board advertising solutions. Dynamo offers turnkey solutions for your undertaking.

Dynamo can help you avoid mistakes that can be expensive and time-consuming.


Foamex Board screen advertising offers an adaptable solution that offers the highest quality and clarity display of video and images. It can be set up to allow remote management, with multiple screens controlling hoarding board from one place. It also has the potential to be integrate with other technologies like EPOS or touchscreen technology or virtual reality.



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