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Quick Guide To Choose Perfect Patio Rugs

Spring is in the air, and creating a perfect outdoors is your goal for this season. You want to transform your outdoors to enjoy joyful days in your favorite garden. The beautifully adorned outdoors makes your home eye candy of the town. It is also your perfect spot for a Sunday brunch with friends and family together. Whether large or small, a perfectly decorated outdoor home enhances the interior of your home. It makes one fall in love with it from the very basic step. Besides getting plants, colorful flower pots, patio furniture, outdoor area rugs are also trends. These rugs come in exciting shades and alluring patterns to magnify the grandeur of your garden. Here is the guide to a colorful rug for your dream patio.

Vision Of Your Patio

Designing a patio, think about the use of the space. Is it a Sunday relaxing spot or a grilling spot for a pool party? Or it is the area for your everyday evening tea. Get a rug according to the use. For a social lifestyle, go for an easy to clean, durable rug, while solitude time goes for beautiful silk or other plushy material. Also, check the environment of the place. If you are living in a humid area get humidity and heat-resistant rug material. 

Match The Material

Rugs are the focal point in your outdoor decor. The material makes a big difference in a perfect rug. It is essential to be careful while selecting the material for the patio rugs. A suitable one is which is highly Uv resistant, stain, and heat resistant. It should also be easy to move, clean, and durable. The primary categories for a desirable rug for your patio are synthetic and natural fibers.

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fiber is the most common material for the outdoors. It is stain and humidity-resistant. Synthetic rugs like polypropylene and olefin are perfect outdoor rugs as they come in vibrant colors and patterns. They are also kids and pets-friendly. These rugs are durable, easy to maintain, and highly UV-resistant. With so many properties you must think it is expensive. But to your surprise, they are the most affordable rugs. 

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers like bamboo and sisal are also perfect outdoor materials. They are durable, affordable, and easy to clean. Natural fiber rugs are not suitable for crowded gardens. They are soft and comfortable, but you have to keep them inside in harsh weather. 

Perfect size

For a mesmerizing outdoor, perfect size rug is like a brownie with vanilla ice cream. It enhances your aesthetic sense and glamorizes your garden. An ideal size rug on your patio with some complementary ornamentation makes the scene like a colorful painting.  Make seating or a grill spot by choosing a rug size that perfectly blends in the space and doesn’t make chairs’ movement complicated.

Shape Of The Rug

Most rugs for the patio are round or rectangular. A small rectangular window looks good in the veranda or front of the main door. A colorful and vibrant round rug on the sides of flower pots with many cushions over the top makes it a perfect gossip spot with your friends. It is ideal for spending some time in the middle of nature with a good book in hand. Runner rugs or kilims are also ideal for a covered patio or poolside seating. 

Patterns Of Patio Rugs

For the patio, go for vibrant colors, abstract and botanical patterns. The more vivid a rug, the most eye-catching your decor is. Colors are made for the garden. A beautiful rug with colorful flowers in the surroundings makes your patio dream-like. Choose orange, blood red, magenta, yellow, leaf green colors to make your space lively and joyful.

Coordination With Furnishing

While thinking about patterns and colors, never ignore the furniture style of your patio. Go for area rugs that coordinate the outdoor furniture. Search on interior websites to get more ideas. Be more open to suggestions. Choose a complementary rug to the furniture scheme. Try to add colors and patterns. Mix and match never go out of style. 

Ideas To Style Outdoor Rug

Above, we have discussed everything handy in purchasing a perfect rug for your patio. But if you are unaware of the styling tips, all your investment is gone in the water. How to style a rug or where to put it is the main thing in home decor. If you place the rug in the wrong place, it will give the area an untidy and unpleasant style. Here are some tips for styling a vibrant outdoor rug:

  • For a small deck, go for a wall-to-wall Moroccan style or traditional pattern rug with folding chairs on the side.
  • For the veranda, put a rug partially under the furniture. Add some plant pots on the sides adjacent to the walls. 
  • Put a bohemian or kilim rug in the backyard. You can also make it an outdoor lounge with a swing of colorful cushions and a sofa. 
  • A solid color is best for a covered patio with some antique metal ornamentation. 
  • Graphic patterns are perfect for the urban and modern patio.
  • Blue and sea tones are perfect for the poolside.
  • For a garden full of plants and flowers, round or rectangle abstract patterns are perfect. Also, mustard goes well in the garden.

Tips To Maintain Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs are low-maintenance rugs. They are easy to clean and high-stain-resistant. But every rug requires some care to keep it long-lasting and durable. You can also hire professional cleaners for your rug. 

Furthermore,  Here are some ideas to keep your rug fresh and new.

  • Roll up your rug and keep it in-store when you are not using it.
  • Clean the rug month-wise, and if something spills on it, wash it quickly.
  • Vacuum the rug more often.
  • Always dry the rug in sunlight to prevent mold and moss.
  • Spot clean on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Shake it every day to remove dust. 
  • Always dry the rug on both sides.


Outdoor rugs are a colorful and vibrant addition to your home. While getting a perfect rug, play with colors. Mix and match colors for an ideal patio rug. Color theory is the essential thing in decorating an area. If you know complementary and opposing colors, your decor ideas can never go wrong. To buy the perfect color and design, browse the amazing collection of RugKnots. They have every rug style at less price.

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