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Picking the Right Team Members at an Advertising and Marketing Agency


Every team is different depending on the type of work they do. A team of police officers has a different relationship as compared to a team of teachers or academics. They share different types of bonds because the nature of their jobs is different. A team of police officers might have seen some bloody or traumatic stuff which they would support each other in overcoming whereas a team of academics would have seen behavioral issues in the students at max. Both these teams are different but the core values of teamwork remain the same in any setting.

Every team is different

The same is true for an advertising and marketing agency. Within an agency, there are multiple teams. Some deal with finance-related matters, some are part of the management team, some in content, some in design, and so on. All of these teams have different dynamics. Their relationships are different, their style of work is also different. Some of these teams have to work in close collaboration, others not so much. For example, a creative team has to work closely with the designers because together they make a whole team.

But the client service department might not need such a relationship with other members of their team. And again this doesn’t mean they are not a part of any team. They are, but with the creative team and not from their own departments because that is how it works. They also have to have a good relationship with the clients. So, for them, the team is a broader term, something that is not just bound to the four walls of the office.

Harmony is what you need

For a content marketing agency, it is important to maintain harmony amongst the team members. The different teams working in the office need to be properly gelled in and must understand the importance of teamwork. In an advertising and marketing agency, there is something new happening every day and for the teams to keep up with the pace of advertising in the 21st century, there must be mutual understanding.

If the team members are not respectful towards each other or are not comfortable working together, the work becomes twice as hard for everyone involved with that team, and not just the immediate members. To eliminate this risk, one needs to be patient while selecting a team member. It is the most important step towards building a team. A team, no matter how small or big needs to have a strong back, a good relationship on which they would keep building their professional careers.

Hiring the right individual

If somehow a wrong fit is hired in a team, it becomes very difficult to make the existing team members understand in case of any mishap that might happen due to that new member. For the employees to trust each other, there must be a feeling of mutual respect. If they lack respect for each other, they would never be able to trust each other and would eventually end up making things worse for everyone involved.

So, be mindful of who you are hiring, have proper meetings with them, understand their point of view, see if their goals align with your company’s and whether this individual is capable of fitting in your existing team, if not, keep the search going because it is always better to wait than to hire the wrong individual and make things difficult for the team. Because in the end, it is the team that has to suffer on a daily basis.

Advertising and marketing agency train their employees to be apt in their jobs and also make them understand the basics of their colleagues’ work. If someone is on leave, the other team members must be capable of locating their files instead of waiting for a day or two or till they are back. And only a team that is properly gelled in would do this for the other team members. If there is no mutual respect or trust, they would not be able to help each other and the company in times of crisis.


So, always make sure to keep things light among the team members and provide them with an environment that is healthy. Only then they would be able to grow together and benefit the company.

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